SL Predictions 2010 Recap, SL Predictions For 2011

This time last year I posted a blog post predicting things that may happen during 2010 in Second Life. Here are the results from the predictions I made in 2009 for 2010. I have now added my SL predictions for 2011 and will be adding to the list in the coming days/weeks.

SL Predictions 2010 Recap Check

  • Second Life Viewer 2.0 launch – Launched in early 2010 successfully
  • Teen Integration (Merge of grids) – Due to happen before, on or after 31st December 2010
  • Mesh-imports/exporting – In beta period currently
  • SL Concurrency to reach 100k milestone – Never reached this milestone this year
  • More alternative viewers & may take over – Increase throughout 2010
  • Second Life Enterprise – Linden Lab has discontinued the Second Life Enterprise development program
  • Linden Lab to have a emerald team – Now known as Phoenix team
  • Linden Lab may cap Inventory Limits – Not sure on this one
  • OpenSim grows and more 3rd party viewers – Success and increase of residents switching
  • SL will become more social (facebook, twitter, web etc) – Did not work out (M Linden) and Avatars United closed down
  • Cheaper homesteads and new additional fees for services – Increase pricing in 2011
  • More news press from RL sources and SL sources – Very balanced during 2010
  • Official SL Shadows in viewer – Shadows can be enabled in many viewers
  • New creation tools – In Viewer 2 and Mesh viewer
  • More Linden Lab HQ’s around the world – Mostly stayed the same amount
  • Windows 7 compatibility support for SL – Success
  • Relay for Life 2010 will hopefully raise more than $500, 000 – Total raised: US$222,804
  • Total SL registered accounts will exceed 20 million Success

SL Predictions 2011

  • A new Linden Lab CEO
  • Mesh will be officially launched
  • Teens introduced to the Main Grid
  • Major TPVs will switch over to using Viewer 2 based code
  • Educational organizations leave SL cause of land increased prices
  • More residents moving to OpenSim grids etc
  • SL concurrency to reach 100, 000 users online
  • LL ends Viewer 1.23 support
  • LL starts hiring former employees and more new employees
  • More Linden Lab press news & new projects
  • The SL Economy will hopefully grow stronger

What are your SL predictions for 2011 ?


Beautiful InWorldz Community Video

Check out this amazing machinima of InWorldz, recently uploaded on YouTube. The 6 minute, 7 seconds video shows a glimpse into the many communities at InWorldz. I throught the music was impressive and the way the machinima was produced was cool. Check it out

Featured in this Machinima are some of the developing Communities at InWorldz.
New, fun and exciting, InWorldz is a user created, free Virtual World, where you can create or buy your own avatar, goods and lands, explore beautiful regions, meet new friends, or discover your own talents and build the world of your dreams!

Check out more videos on InWorldz here.