Project Skylight Beta, SL Web-Based Browser Experience

Check out these amazing videos of Project Skylight Beta, a SL web-based experience. This experience will give new users a taste of SecondLife on the web to see if they like Second Life or not. If new users like Second Life from the web-based experience then afterwards they can easily download and install the latest SL viewer from the official Second Life downloads page.  Thanks to Gaikai cloud-based streaming service.


Second Life being used in Firefox Web Browser



Second Life, Rendered on the Cloud and Streamed to a Web Browser


There are promotional videos here at It works for many but not for others at the moment to sign up to this new beta web-based experience.

5 thoughts on “Project Skylight Beta, SL Web-Based Browser Experience

  1. It is trail and error getting the Browser Based version. It does not matter which browser you use, which email, which IP Address, or anything I can ID. As long as one gets the ‘Escape – Join’ message they need to keep hitting reload.

    Once one sees the page bring up a request for an email address, they are on the right path. You can see images of the correct link in my blog.


  2. Shame it does not work for me. It keeps redirecting me to the official SL sign-up page and not the box where you can put your email in etc.

    I’ll look forward to the official release of this service whenever that will be announced.


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