New, check it out!

The new Second Life website just went LIVE today by Linden Lab. You can visit the new redesigned SL site here:


  • I love the new site design
  • It’s clean
  • It’s easy to navigate
  • ———————————————-
  • Improved for new users
  • Improved tabs at the top to browse through SL
  • Easier to choose what languages you want to have
  • Improved Search and Log In
  • Improved registration page for new users
  • New button to launch Second Life straight away
  • Redesigned land store and new web-based map


  • Showcase or video tutorials is not shown
  • Could be slower for users (flash and videos)
  • Xstreet and Transaction History are the two main issues at this time

Future (long term projects)

  • New social media functionality
  • More search improvements coming (long term project)
  • The SL Dashboard will become fully customizable

What do you think of the redesign?

4 thoughts on “New, check it out!

  1. @Gianna Borgnine: I agree. The social media side should be cool to see in the future. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


  2. The Search function takes *more* clicks to navigate through to a SLurl than it did before. I spend a whole lot of time in Search for my job. Linden Lab basically just increased the time it takes me to complete my task, effectively reducing my hourly wage. Thanks guys.

    On the up side, it looks pretty.


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