Sailing places in Second Life

Sailing in Second Life is great fun and interesting at times. There are many of shopping locations to buy boats, cruise ships and yachts. You need to allow time to take in the landmarks when travelling and its great to take a friend along with you too. Take snapshots and watch out for region crossings, sometimes you might go through the grid without stopping. Otherwise look for sea regions on the map. 🙂

My SL Sailing pics

My Top 10 recommended Sailing locations!

  1. Black Sea
  2. Starboards Yacht Club
  3. United Sailing Sims
  4. Victoriana Harbour
  5. New England Marina
  7. Holiday Island
  8. Free Adriatic
  9. Bay City Sea
  10. Mowry Bay Yacht Club

I would love to know your favourite sailing sims and places are in Second Life?, feel free to comment. There is a Sailing in Second Life wiki page with lot’s of SL sailing information, pictures and links. The wiki page is open to everyone and everyone can edit and add new stuff.

Happy SL Sailing!