Zindra last day to submit requests

Migrate to Zindra by July 24th! - MOTD

Last day for ticket submission

Today is the last day to submit your requests for the new Zindra adult continent. By the end of today you won’t have another chance to submit your request etc. LL currently are going through the long list of backlog requests and this will take many weeks to complete. After 60 days after the move of tickets has been accepted the new full enforcement of adult rules will be announced. The adult content changes is one of the main topics residents have been talking about so far this year.

Q. What do you think all of the adult content changes currently and what do you think will happen in the near future?

Zindra map - 24th July 2009

Timetable of Events

  1. Initial Announcement – 12 Mar 2009
  2. Release of 1.23 client software – 15 Jun 2009
  3. New Adult mainland opens for visits – 15 Jun 2009
  4. Move tickets for Adult Mainland accepted – 29 Jun 2009 10am Pacific Time to 24 July 2009 10am Pacific Time
  5. Full enforcement of new rules – approx 60 days after Move tickets accepted

Adult Content Info


SL Feeds needs your feedback

I created my SL Feeds portal on 9th, March 2009, to share 24/7 SL community stuff with everyone, including SL News, SL Fashion, SL stats, SL Videos, TSL news and lot’s more. Since then my SL Feeds portal has been featured on New World Notes: Good Compilation of Second Life Blog Feeds which is just great to see. The popularity of my SL Feeds portal has grown alot and now my SL Feeds portal is featured 2nd in Google Results when you type “SL Feeds” in. The aim is to get no.1 spot sometime later this year which will be nice.

SL Feeds came out of testing on July 20th and now is version 1.0.  I’ll be expanding and adding more in upcoming weeks and months with exciting new SL tools and more SL RSS feeds. Do you have any feature suggestions or want your SL blog & SL website to be featured on SL Feeds portal? Please CONTACT ME, your all most welcome to submit your reviews. Feel free to comment on this post or IM me in-world even.


Spread the word about SL Feeds! I recommend it! 😀


Second Life Relay For Life 2009

SL Relay for Life 2009

This year was my first time taking part on the Main Grid for RFL and I ran 8475.8m around the track (total 37 regions). I was wearing The SL Relay for Life Pedometer and using the Walk and Talk v1.23. I walked half and then got a bike out and cycled the rest of the way. I managed to find the live tv coverage of UStream and it was great to watch it all. I went through the RFL regions and took lot’s of amazing pictures, you can find them here. More images from the RFL sims : http://bit.ly/p2DHB.

SL Volunteer Info Updated

I’m a SL Mentor in Second Life and I love mentoring new residents at HI’s, OI’s and at help points around SL. I first applied for the mentoring program back in 2007 and since then it’s been great and still is. Over the past year or so many residents have been asking about when LL will open up the volunteer applications for new SL Mentors again and I have linked them to the volunteer section on the Second Life website. In recent months the same message was shown (July 2008 info) untill June/July 2009 where there seems to be hope for new mentors, as there will be new info coming out on the SL blog very soon. Earlier this year LL shut down the TSL Mentoring program and their TSL Volunteer Island was removed. Here are some recent statistics on members in the SL Mentors group and it shows a big decrease since late 2008.

SL Mentoring Stats 2009

26th October 2008

Starting with approximately 3,700 mentors, roughly 1,700 went through the renewal process. This far exceeded Linden Lab’s expectations for renewals, which were anticipated to only range from about 350 to a little under a thousand, based on observations of volunteer activity. From SL Massively

2nd February 2009
1, 733 Members

25th April 2009
1, 687 Members

5th May 2009
1, 682 Members

22nd May 2009
1, 679 Members

16th July 2009
1, 653 members

July 2008

Volunteer Info
In our continuing effort to make the Second Life Volunteer program the finest in Second Life, we have adopted new processing steps for Apprentice mentors to advance from Apprentice to full Mentor. Recently, our application processing rate has dropped to accommodate these changes. Rather than let the application list grow at its present pace and force residents who desire to participate in the Volunteer program to wait weeks if not months to hear from us, we have decided to stop accepting applications until we have processed the list of residents currently in the pipeline. Thank you for your patience.
The Second Life Volunteer Team

As of 15th July 2009 – Latest Update!

Thanks for your interest! We are currently not accepting new applications for the Second Life Mentor group. Please watch the Second Life blog for updates and more information.

– The Second Life Volunteer Team

Sounds like VTeam or someone at Linden Lab will be making announcement’s soon on the SL Blog and VTeam blog for SL Mentors in the coming weeks or even months. Hopefully the announcement will include details about accepting new mentors into the SL Mentor groups or related. Hopefully this will jump start the group again into a successfull future.

The recent update by the VTeam was this Volunteers are staying busy! by Lexie Linden.

Second Life’s 6th Birthday event is a prime example of volunteers in action. 80-90 Mentors volunteered their time and skills for this very popular event.

In the coming months, we will be looking into additional  ways that volunteers can come together to help and inspire new Residents as well as seasoned members of the Second Life community.   We will update you after  these ideas become better defined.  Stay tuned…

When there are new updates I’ll post them here.
If you have any feedback on this recent update to volunteer info, feel free to comment.

Lindens on Twitter and more SL tweets

SL Official

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200 days on the Main Grid

It’s been 200 days since I first transfered over to the Main Grid and celebrated my 18th birthday. 201 days ago was my last day on the Teen Gridwhen I took my final tour around cool places in Teen Second Life. I remember doing a TG Transfer countdown  on my blog, counting down the remaining days I had left hehehe. On my birthday date I didn’t log into TSL as such and in the afternoon I was successfully moved across and my main grid experience started. I really do miss my friends and life on the Teen Grid and the fun times will never be forgotten. It was great to meet up with my Ex-TGer friends that transfered before me.

When I first arrived on the MG I was taken to the Teen Grid Transfer Station located in Baffin where Kate Linden spent time with me and invited me into many awesome SL groups and things I should know on the Main Grid. I remember saying OMG OMG OMG to myself when I looked at the Map, Events Tab and Showcase/popular landmarks because there was hundreds of regions, events and things to do. On the Teen Grid the showcase places were broken, a smaller grid and only a few events actually happened every day.

I remember being teleported over to Grasmere which is Linden Village region where I met many new friends, Lindens and SL Mentors. I was given tons of landmarks, notecards and SL guides which was really nice of them all to do that. I then went on a grand tour for a few hours visiting great places in Second Life including The Shelter, The Corn Field, AM Radio regions, Here island, Greenies SL and many more. I’m looking forward to my 3rd Rezz Day (3 years milestone) which is October 31st 2009. 164 days left until my next birthday and then that will mark my first full year on the MG. WoooT

Since December 2008 I’ve seen a high peak in traffic (visitors and new records) set my blog, flickr stream, twitter page, plurk page and even on facebook which is great. I’ve been in the news headlines alot since my transfer date and even before that. Earlier this year I created a SL feeds portal,  SL Historical Locations and my Linden Hunting sets have been very popular indeed.  Check out my SL collection for more awesome adventures in SL. This year I’ve created my own new residents guide page on my blog, created a SL Metrics page and created a ton of new SL resources on my SL Tutorial page.

 200 days is a big milestone for me!


My most interesting and favourite moments so far


Green teddy at Chouchou_001

I can’t wait for whatever comes next. I will continue to share helpful things with the SL community, take part in projects, mentor, explore and having fun with my friends. Thanks for reading my diary of the past 200 days and stay tuned for new blog posts.