SL Economy: Q2 Metrics 2009

Linden Lab have published: The Second Life Economy – Second Quarter 2009 in Detail. You can compare it with the last published metrics for Q1 back in April 2009: The Second Life Economy – First Quarter 2009. Feel free to check out my SL Metrics page for more metrics and links.

Q2 Key Highlights

  • Economy grows 94% year to year, hits new all time high in Q2
  • Voice minutes totaled 3.2 billion minutes, up 48% from the same quarter last year
  • LindeX and Xstreet hit new all time highs
  • Resident-owned land in Second Life increased 11% from last year
  • Homestead sales drives addition of 109 million square meters
  • Peak Concurrent Users hit 88,065 early in Q2, but concurrency trended lower over the course of the quarter
  • USD 144 million dollars in total user-to-user transactions, an increase of 94% from the same quarter last year

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Talk about the Second Life Q2 economy

SLCC09 starts today

Today marks the 5th Second Life Community Convention and this year it will take place in San Francisco, CA.  The Second Life Community Convention will be hosted by Second Life residents for a real life gathering. I would love to go but its too far away and plus the costs ontop. I believe there will be SLCC regions open for residents to watch the live coverage of the convention.


  • SLCC09 homepage: CLICK HERE
  • SLCC09 tweets: CLICK HERE


    Starts: Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 8:00 AM
    Ends: Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 6:00 PM (PT)

    SLCC09 shedule: CLICK HERE


    History of SLCC


    Date Location Attendance
    2005 New York, NY 150
    2006 San Francisco, CA 550
    2007 Chicago, IL 800
    2008 Tampa, FL 450

    Looking forward to how many go to SLCC09 for attendance.