Space in Second Life

I’ve been exploring Space (NASA) landmarks in Second Life recently and found many great places on my adventures around Second Life. Check out my Space in SL Flickr set. from space rockets to space launches and more. I believe there are Space Google Videos filmed in Second Life, go and check them out too. I found a cool Virtual Space Shuttle Launch Video on, which is just AWESOME!. Don’t forget you can join Space and NASA groups in Second Life by clicking on Search > Groups > Join.  Have fun!

My Top 10 Recommended Space Landmarks

1. International Year of Astronomy 2009
Welcome to the virtual world home of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 in Scilands!  Astronomy, galaxy, nebula, star, planet, telescope, universe, astrophotography, space art, free textures

2. Lunar Exploration ZoneNEW
Visit the Apollo 11 simulation at Daden Space in Second Life

3. International Spaceflight Museum
Rockets and spacecraft from the past, present and future.  Ride a rocket into space and explore the planets! SciLands member. Volunteer created & maintained, donation supported.  Not a NASA activity.  AlphaPort.  ISM.

4. Explorer Island
NASA JPL on Explorer Island – Home of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Come see the history, explore space and technology.

5. Jimbo Perhaps Rocket Garden
Solar Power Satellites and ground receivers, SpaceX Falcon 9, Rotary Rocket Roton, Kistler K-1, Frontier Astronautics repurposed missile silo and Rocket Sellers Porch.  Keep  spacelanes clear – Mad Rocket Scientists work here. In SciLands

6. NASA eEducation
The hub of NASA eEducation Island – stop by for info and events related to NASA and NASA education.  NASA eEducation is located in the Scilands.

7. Neil A. Armstrong LibraryNEW
The mission of the library & archives at NASA CoLab is to house and make available records and other documentation relating to NASA CoLab in SL, and library & archival materials relating to NASA generally. Director: Archivist Llewellyn

8. The SL Planetarium Dome
Ready to chill out on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter? Watch amazing pictures from space while doing yoga within this 3D planetarium dome (pics Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech). Cyber Cafe Infohub. Zeppelin Blimp Tours. Space capsule. Rocket trip

Meditate in a cosmic orbit  ambient galaxy tai chi with planets slowdance chill orbital rides space music stream 24/7 sci fi lounge in outerspace meditation relax stars hug  the universe and chillout in Shinda. Join Inspire Park for update

10. SIGGRAPH SpaceTime ArtNEW
The 3 divisions within the SpaceTime Exhibition, print, animation, and interactive works, capture a moment in time that embodies the richness of expression within the space of computer graphics technology from the past and present.

Happy Space adventures!