Second Life Answers official launch soon

Watch out for news in the coming weeks or even months for the upcoming official launch of Second Life Answers on the Official Second Life Blog. Check out Second Life Answers Beta – Thank You! post for more information (August 18th 2009)

Second Life Answers stats before July 31st 2009

  • 36,127 page views occurred on 445 threads.
  • The most active category for number of questions (85) was in “Technical”.
  • 3 of the most viewed questions were: Can I change my Second Life name? , PW change: Forgotten answer to the security question and How can I get a job in Second Life?
  • Over 45 languages accessed the Answers main page. The top 2 are English and German.
  • Second Life Answers is the fastest growing help resource ever.   Ok…I made this particular metric up but you can make it true!

Keep your eyes open for the official launch of Second Life Answers soon!


Rez Magazine 2nd Interview planned

Very soon I’ll be featured on Rez Magazine for doing my 2nd interview about my Main Grid experiences 8 or so months later,  since I transferred from the Teen Grid. The last time I was interviewed by Rez Magazine was back on 6th December 2008 where I was talking about experiences and feelings before the big move over to the Main Grid.  This time it will be about my time on the Main Grid and a round-up on recent happenings which I’m really looking forward to talk about. 🙂

Trinity Dechou (December 2008): I hope to interview Daniel again in the course of 2009 and find out how has move to the main grid has gone, and if his hopes and fears have been realised.

In-progress – will post shortly!