SL Highlights of September 2009 in Second Life

My blog metrics So far…

  • Total views: 30,543
  • Total posts: 504
  • Total comments: 215

This month’s stats for (September 2009)

  • Total blog views this month = 2, 220 (last month = 2, 287)
  • Average hits per day = 75-85
  • 11 new comments

Top posts this month on my blog

Other Stats

  • Passed the 500 blog posts milestone on September 23rd 2009
  • 5, 000 views milestone on my Plurk page + (500 plurk friends milestone) on 28th September 2009
  • My 1st year anniversary on SL RezEd on 16th September 2009
  • My 1st year anniversary on Plurk on 1st September 2009

SL September Highlights & Popular Stories

  • SL Login outrage lasted for about 1 hour on 1st September 2009
  • Garth FairChang passed away in early September 2009
  • 9/11 remembrance in Second Life for 8th anniversary on 11th September 2009
  • New Citizens Inc Blog comes back online around mid September 2009
  • Second Life Content Creators Sue Second Life Creator Linden Lab on 15th September 2009
  • Prad Prathivi creates The Periodic Table of SL Abbreviations and Emoticons on 15th September 2009
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 in SL was on 19th September 2009
  • SL Designer Showcase Network hit 10,000 subscribers on 19th September 2009
  • Live Panel Discussion on Virtual Goods with Philip Linden, T Linden, Robert Bloomfield on 23rd September 2009
  • Linden Lab releases statistics about Second Life on 22nd September 2009
  • Orange Island in SL announces they will be closing down 29th September 2009
  • Linden Lab to step up Second Life marketing with Amsterdam office on 28th September 2009

Upcoming in October 2009

  • Burning Life 2009 from October 17th – 25th
  • Halloween 2009
  • My 3rd rezz day in Second Life on 31st October 2009
  • And there’s more…

If I’ve missed something, please comment. It’s been a very busy and interesting month for September 2009 in SL. 😀


Storing Second Life Incident Reports, September 2009 Stats

Tyche Shepherd reports on storing Second Life Incident Reports and she has published many awesome graphs of her findings on called what did the naughty people do?. There is alot of interesting data and information in this thread. It’s worth checking out.

There is an Official LL Incident Report page on the SL website which displays the top 25 recent disciplinary actions taken by the in-world Goverance Team. Don’t forget to go to the Help menu and Choose Report Abuse to report incidents etc always!

In total I now have data which seems complete from 7th Jun 2007 up to the current time, at the moment this comes to 21, 665 published incidents.

Firstly I should point out published Incident Reports are only those AR’s which have been resolved and where a warning or suspension has been made. It doesn’t seem to cover bans or suspensions due to account issues or the other strange reasons Lindens use to suspend people.They also cover Teen Grid as well as the Main Grid.

Big fall in published incident reports at the beginning of this year.

There are 91 unique types of violations in total, the most common was Community Standard: Assault, Scripted Objects which covers 3654 incidents

Very little suprises with Public Help Islands, Sandboxes and Info-bubs dominating the list, with No Specific Region being the most common. Help Island Public hosts over 4% of all published incidents.

52% of published incidents result in a Warning, the rest in a suspension of 1 to 14 days.

There were only 2 published copyright infringement violations which resulted in a ban of 14 days (there were 17 in total across the period)

I must stress that these figures are only the Published Incident Reports, people say there are plenty of resolved AR’s which don’t make the Blotter and they certainly don’t include any bans which do occur or suspensions for other reasons (account issues, activity which triggers money laundering detection etc) so it’s difficult to draw concrete conclusions about the whole AR process from them .

Great job, interesting stats. 🙂

Now over to you, what do you think about the graph data ?

500 blog posts later

500 posts milestone!

I first started blogging back in late December 2007 when I was on the Teen Grid. Since then I have transferred to the main grid of Second Life in December 2008 and carried on blogging about SL stuff.  I really do enjoy keeping everyone informed on what’s going on in the Second Life community. I’m glad to reach the 500 blog posts milestone and I guess the next big one would be reaching the 1, 000 blog posts milestone.

The feedback has been great so far with more than 200 comments, blog traffic is good with more than 30, 000 views, I’m now on most popular SL sites, and my blog has been featured in many posts over the years. If you are a reqular reader to my blog, thanks for visiting and please tell your friends about my DV blog to add to their Second Life blogs & sites.

I’m always open to suggestions, featuring products, news and links to post on my blog. Check out my Add Me page for more info about contacting me. I hope you have enjoyed my blog posts  over the years. More great stuff coming very soon!

Linden Lab releases figures of the scale of Second Life

Tateru Nino who is a SL writter for SL Massively has published interesting statistics relating to the scale of Second Life.

Approximately 1,250 text-based messages are sent every second in Second Life. That’s 108 million messages per day and more than 600 million words are typed on an average day.

Wow that’s alot of messages and words.

Roughly 60% of active Second Life Residents are based outside of the US, representing more than 200 countries, and the Second Life Viewer is available in 10 languages.

That’s interesting that only 60% are based outside of the US. 10 languages is great and room for more in the future.

In total, users around the world have spent more than 1 billion hours in Second Life. That’s roughly 115,000 years spent doing everything from meeting and socializing with friends; to attending live concerts; to creating, selling, and shopping for virtual goods

SL rocks

The total land area of Second Life is now equivalent to approximately 2 billion square meters – roughly the size of the state of Rhode Island.

Giggles, hasn’t it grown alot over the years. Interesting image!

More than 18 billion minutes of voice chat have been used in Second Life since voice was introduced in 2007. More than 6 billion minutes of voice have been delivered in 2009 alone.


Users create more than 250,000 new virtual items every day. There are now more than 270 terabytes of content in Second Life, and this is growing by approximately 100% every year.

Yay, for SL content and storage. LOL

The average session length (time between login and logout) is given as 100 minutes per visit.

I spend alot more than 100 minutes in-world these days. When I joined SL it was like 15 minutes or so, but that was when I was a newbie. HAHA

SL mixed-reality panel discussion, 23rd September 2009

This Wednesday, September 23, from 4-5pm SLT, Philip Linden and T Linden will be participating in a mixed-reality panel discussion, titled, Second Life: The Largest User-Generated Virtual Goods Economy in the World. As the season opener of Metanomics, the event will be broadcast by TREET.TV and will be accessible inworld and on the web. We hope you’ll join us!

Will you be attending ?

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 in Second Life

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which comes around every year on the 19th of September.

Ahoy! me Mateys, it be Talk Like Pirate Day in Second Life. There are loads of pirate shopping places to go to get your pirate avatars and outfits. There are many Pirate cool landmarks to visit in Second Life and Pirate SL events happening all day.

Search for “Pirates” in SEARCH

Pirate Locations in Second Life to VISIT

Black Spot Shipyard
Home of the Pirate Ship Black Sparrow,  the Crow, and other old style tall ships and boats  in various sizes

Pirate Island Of Jabberwock
pirate,pirates,pirate rp, pirate battles, spd,tss ships,flintlocks&SPD weapons,swords,pirate AVs & clothes,-SL’s largest pirate rp area-8 sims for pirates to plunder!   Yarrrrr!

GUUD Talk Like a Pirate Translator
Speak like a Pirate

DarkDharma Avatar Isle
Check out the pirates

Pirate Hats – Pirates weapon treasure raft poses gun parrot cannon pegleg eyepatch treasure tatoo Pirate ship boat coffin final fantasy globe pitchfork rum Hat – Free Pirate Ship, branding Tricorner Hats, Beanie, cutouts

Promise’s Pirate Shop
All things Pirate.. Shirts etc.

pirate stuff, best (and cheep) pirate clothes for men and women, waterfall, pirate grottos, pirate ships, pirate boats, sails, pirate Outfits, pirat, piraten, Tricornes, uniforme, MEDIEVAL, Castles, Medieval furnitures, goast, grotto cave

Pirate Ships Yard
Welcome to our sky platform, beautiful ships for sale. ships, ship, boat, pirate, chinese junk, ships, boat, pirate, chinese junk, ships, pirate ship,pirate , pirate ship, pirate ship, pirate, galleon, pirate ship, ships

Arrr, have a great day, gar!

SL Mentor Stats, September 2009

SL Mentor group count

2nd February 2009
1, 733 Members

25th April 2009
1, 687 Members

5th May 2009
1, 682 Members

22nd May 2009
1, 679 Members

July 16th 2009
1, 653 Members

September 18th 2009LATEST
1, 633 Members

September 2009 Update

  • SL Volunteer Islands are used for SL Mentors only
  • SL Mentors can still help on Help Islands – There are updated tutorial boards now
  • The new SL Volunteer Blog has been set up and is now live
  • SL Answers has been really successful so far for SL Volunteers helping out the SL community
  • SL Volunteer Forum is coming soon
  • Check the SL Volunteer Portal wiki page for new the new updates

SL Volunteer program is still closed for new mentors joining, there are no details on when it will open again. I joined SL Mentors group in December 2008, I’m not sure on the previous group members stats. If you know how many there were before 2008, feel free to comment. Would love to know!

Former TG regions, groups, cool places on the MG

This is a quick easy guide for TG residents transferring very soon to the Main Grid or Teens that have already celebrated their 18th birthday in Second Life. There are regions which are former-TG regions that have been moved over and created on the Main Grid. There are many popular former-TG created TSL groups on the Main Grid to join which are either free to join or ask for a invite for. There are guides located around Baffin to click on to find out about what the MG has to offer. Note: 13-17yrs should be on the TG and 18+ on the MG.

If you are teen on the TG and turning 18 years old shortly, you will need to send a support ticket to transfer to the MG, send in your ID, LL will review your ticket, and you will be transferred on your birthday. When you arrive your groups, friends list and landmarks will be automatically removed/deleted. Your inventory transfers over with you along with your L$. It’s going to be hard leaving your friends behind and you can always keep in contact through messenger services etc.

Check out my Welcome to Second Life Flickr collection

  • Happy 18th Birthday and welcome to the Main Grid.
  • Make yourself at home here while you’re finding your way around the Main Grid.


Baffin – Teen Grid Transfer StationJade Lily
This is where our youngest Residents come to celebrate their transition to the Main Grid. Celebrate the spirit of Second Life!

Okarthel & Thurkear – Sylver Bu
Dernier Cri – Asuka Martin
Skins, hair, apparel, shoes, accessories, fashion


Teen Grid Transfers
Slowly taking over MG…one teen at a time!

TG Survivors
For all the people who, after their experience on the TG, are still up and kicking.
Also, for all the cool people who want to help them feel integrated to the MG.
Group for events and hangout, though suggestions are always welcome.
Just transferred/feel left out? Drop an IM to any of the admins to join!

TG Transfers
A group to ease teens into the Main Grid, help them find their way upon entering mature regions, etc.

Old TG Friends
If you have ever been on TG this group is for you, Everyone in this group has at one ime been on Teen Grid. Founder Transfered Feb, 2008

Global Kids Allies
This is a group for those allied with Global Kids <> and its work in Second Life, primarily to support the GK island in the teen grid.

Recommend Places to visit

Grendel’s Children
Avatars, Dragon, Gryphon, Werewolf ,Animal ,Demon, Dinosaur, pets, skins and more! Creatures abound! Low priced, high quality! For Grendel !

Since 2003, Secondlife’s oldest community. Run by furries , but NOT furry only. Anyone is welcome, as long as you’re considerate. Furry Avatars as well.

Prim Hearts
Amusement Park in Second Life

International Spaceflight Museum
Spaceport Bravo, one of SciLands member ISM’s islands, has the Vehicle Assembly Building & the Orbiter Processing Facility. The ISM is totally volunteer built and donation supported. Not a NASA activity.  BravoPort.

NCI Kuula – New Citizens Incorporated
New Player, New Resident, Newbie, Noob, Beginner, Help, Basics, Information, Info, Questions, Freebies, Free Stuff, Clothing, Sandbox, Hangout, Newsstand, Ginny Gremlin Park, Mall, Events, Tutorials, Classes, Class, Education, Learn

the Shelter
A haven for those new to SL

Video tutorials! FREE textures! Watermelons! Come, visit, enjoy. ~*~ KEYWORDS: video tutorial tip trick game world 3d online virtual avatar screencast help machinima love sl watermelon learn education knowledge vidtut tutorial teach fun x

Greenies Home Rezzable
<presented by Rezzable>  Join Us! Green the Grid!  Greenies, greenie, light wave, spac, flying saucer, disco lives, giant, megaprim, skates, avatars, fly, fun, wacky, kooky, best sim in sl, wonder of sl

Mauve Public Sandbox
SL Orientation, Building Tutorials, Help for Newbies, Classes, Free Stuff. Advertise your business on the advertising billboard. Advertising space for rent in the oldest and most popular sandbox.

Linden Village
Explore where Linden Lab Employees Live and Meet in Second Life.  Click on the kiosk at the landing point for more information.

Dance Island
LIVE DJ artists & Live music > 24h-7days  LIVE !!!!

Don’t Forget

If I’ve missed anything out, feel free to comment and I hope this guide has been helpful for you.

Happy Second Life adventures!