Where to find SL Forums & SLUniverse Statistics

These statistics are shown at the bottom of the main forum pages when you access SL Forums and SLUniverse Forum. Xstreet SL Forums stats are shown top left of the screen when you view the page. Interesting statistics I think. These statistics are kept updated every minute which is great. 🙂

25th August 2009 (12:20pm PDT)

SL Forums

  • Threads: 253, 326
  • Posts: 2, 144, 818
  • Members: 2, 342, 123


  • Threads: 30, 378
  • Posts: 764, 271
  • Members: 7, 692

Xstreet SL

  • Guests: 2484
  • Members: 2984
  • Total: 5468

Have a try yourself and see what the latest figures are. 🙂

I hope this was useful! 😀

DV's Inspector Gadget Bear – VERSION 2 released

This past week I’ve been editing my SL Inspector Gadget Bear because it was time to upgrade from version 1 to version 2. I’m not great at bears, and I don’t really have time to create stuff as such, but wanted to create a bear anyway to share with my friends inworld. I used to love watching the cartoon version of Inspector Gadget and I love the movie too. I know it would be a hit to create a bear in Second Life, so here it is.

DV's Inspector Gadget Bear - VERSION 2

If you would like a copy of my Bear then feel free to IM me.