Tweets from M Linden and Philip Linden Keynotes Speech

Here are the tweets from the CEO Keynotes speech today at SLCC09. In-world there was 45 – 50 avatars that listened through a live audio stream at the SLCC region in Second Life. There was no video or slideshows in-world to follow which was disappointing.

Philip Linden Keynotes

We need new people to be able to experience Live music within 5m., maybe we need a web client that lets you experience it.

Philip and M: “Evolution, or Revolution

Technology improves, the impact of these changes can be revolutionary

The idea of Second Life was to digitize reality, to create an option to reconstruct the entire world in the digital form

There will be lots of change. The prairie where we are now can become New York City

Things are changing extremely rapidly and the impact will be revolutionary not evolutionary

The old world will be changed. within the limits of physics we will gain complete control over the atoms

Two paths, One made of atoms, one of bits. And we will be able to control atoms

The digital world has compelling properties. More possibilities, and safer

“we;re not going to stop at reality”. This is very important point. Once VW are as real as reality,we’ll go on pioneers of virtual worlds will be disliked. People will have the feeling to be outmoded.

Try and understand we’re at the very beginning, we’re going to have to weather tremendous change

To scale large, we need: More decentraliztion of services. But we have “right napkin drawings”

We are at the very beginning. We’ll not like all the changes. It is inevitable. Try to work with us, let go a bit

M Linden Keynotes

Philip did not create a virtual world. He created a platform so we could all create a virtual world

Do not feel Godlike as CEO. First time I felt Godlike was terraforming pulling a mountain out of the sea

we’re coming out of the trough of disillusionment. In the middle of a top to bottom renovation

IN the middle of top-to-bottom renovation. Relevance, presentation to outside. Viewer. Usability. Orientation.

(server crash rate down 60%, viewer 40%)

We’re at SL 1.0 heading to 2.0. We probaly need to get to 10.0 for billion users

SL user spend 8X as much time as Facebook user

Bringing more of the web into SL, more SL to the web

sl will bring more of the web into second life and more of second life into the web


How to Show and Hide Friend notifications in Second Life


  1. Open Second Life
  2. Edit > Preferences
  3. Communication tab
  4. Tick Show online Friend notifications
  5. Untick it if you do not want to show online friend notifications when running Second Life
  6. Click Apply and Ok

Friend notifications

You can also watch Torley Linden video tutorial about Online Friend Notifications.