Second Life Statistics – September 2016 Update

Net Growth At Last

Good news this month that according to Tyche Shepherd last week ending 4th September there was a net growth of 9 regions in Second Life. Linden Owned regions were among the growth this time and it’s good to see the lab adding regions in Second Life after 13 years. It’s always good to see positive net growth at any given time of the year and shows there is still interest for regions in Second Life. Yay! 🙂

A net growth of 9 regions on the grid this week and while all the growth was among Linden Owned, the number of Private Estates remained unchanged which is probably news in itself

Second Life Regions

These are the latest grid numbers as of 4th September 2016…

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 176
  • Private Estates: 17, 098 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 078
  • Private Estate losses now stands at 677 regions (3.8% loss).

The grid has continued to decline in regions since my last report back in June 2016 and if the decline continues then you can expect the total amount of regions to drop below the 24, 000 mark along with Private Estates dropping under the 17, 000 mark within the next 3 months.

With the public launch of Sansar four months away it will be interesting to see what impact that will have on the grid numbers for both Second Life and for OpenSim grids. We will have to wait and see.

Daily Concurrency

The daily concurrency in Second Life seems to be averaging between 51, 000 (at max) – 27, 000 (lowest) on a daily basis at the moment. In the past the daily concurrency average was much higher than this. As the summer comes to an end I would imagine the daily concurrency will start increasing again as we head into the autumn / winter season.

New Second Life Signups

As of 7th September 2016 there have been 47,  331, 992 signups for Second Life to date. On average there are between 10, 000 to 14, 000 new sign ups every day for Second Life.


On 16th August Maria Korolov posted this blog post > OSgrid, Metropolis, Kitely lead in land growth which is worth checking out. “The land area of the active public OpenSim grids now totals the equivalent of 63, 286 standard regions, an increase of nearly 4,000 regions compared to last month. Registered users went up by more than 4,000, to 480,834, and actives increased by 439 to 31,609“.

  • InWorldz, OsGrid and Metropolis have the most active users
  • OSgrid, Metropolis, Kitely have the most regions

My next Second Life statistics blog post will be posted in December 2016.


15 thoughts on “Second Life Statistics – September 2016 Update

  1. And yet, whole worlds continue to disappear in Second Life. I used to watch these sad demises from afar, but now one has hit home. My home. The world that was Elf Circle with its 1,900 members vanished into the mists at the end of August when the final 7 sims closed. We are continuing the community in other sims. Still, a big part of my heart went with EC to wherever it is sims go to die. Here’s my video memoir of the love and beauty that was Elf Circle:

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  2. It’s very sad to see so many wonderful places vanishing – particularly those who had been in SL for several years. They (mostly) vanish without a word and I think LL should be asking themselves why (but they won’t, of course).

    While I understand new regions are being created, the reality is that those are mainly for the wealthy who can afford them to continue growing their wealth; the Anshe Chung’s of the world, in other words.

    While I do sense a renewed interest in SL slowly on the rise, Project Sansar, I firmly believe, will turn newcomers away, while few long term SL residents are even interested in looking at it (especially not with the design of this new dictatorship demanding that all new avi’s in PS must use their RL names via FB – that’s just not going to happen).

    Let SL grow and thrive again as it once did, but Project Sansar (an obscene $20m), just isn’t the way to go. I feel it will turn out to be the death knell for LL but as long as it doesn’t hurt the ‘real’ SL, then I don’t give a hoot about PS dying before it’s even begun.

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  3. I agree! While the number of regions may be increasing a bit I agree existing interesting user created regions seem to be disappearing. I am afraid that trend will continue as Sansar goes live.

    Of existing SL users I haven’t found anyone who’s interest goes beyond the curiosity of trying something new. The general opinion of SL people I’ve talked to is from what is know Sansar seems rather dull. I personally don’t even envision even the possibility of trying it out until late 2017 if then. Even that depends on not being forced to use real life names.

    With only a quarter of a year to go until Sansar’s open beta it should be becoming clear what audience is being aimed at with the new project. I can think of two groups it is not aimed at hard core gammers won’t be interested and neither will existing SL users so who will it be?

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