Second Life Region Statistics – September 2020 Update

As of Monday 21st September 2020 these are the latest grid region numbers for the size of the Second Life main grid. For the past three weeks the grid has been steadily growing. In general terms Second Life is relatively stable for regions at the moment with the total being just over the 25, 000 regions mark.

  • Total: 25, 011
  • Private Estates: 16, 715
  • Linden Owned: 8, 296

Since 29th December 2019 there has been an increase of 610 private estate regions and a loss of 339 regions on the main grid. The grid has actually gained a total of 271 regions during 2020 so far.

The Second Life Grid Survey is still the best place to view the latest Second Life grid numbers. Tyche Shepherd has not shared her personal analysis of the grid numbers since May 2020 via the VirtualVerse Forums page. The weekly statistics were most interesting and I hope Tyche will resume posting soon.

Second Life Average Logged In Users Peaked Between March And May 2020 During Lockdown – Wave 1

Average logged in users increases during lock down – Source

Looking back at the last 12 months since September 2019 in terms of Second Life logged in users (average) it appears that between March 2020 – May 2020 there was a higher peak during wave 1. This period was when the pandemic started to get worse and lockdowns occurred around the world.

  • The daily average reached around 46, 000 – 47, 000 in April 2020 – Source
  • The highest peak for the maximum daily concurrency for Second Life this year was recorded on 20th April 2020 with 60, 068 users logged in – Source

It seems Europe and other places around the world are starting to see wave 2 of cases/deaths starting to happen sadly. There are warnings on the news saying things will get worse for the next six months at least until vaccines arrive sometime next year.

If wave 3 and wave 4 happens next year I would imagine Second Life would see more logged in users (average). Normally in the winter there are more logged in users in Second Life and it will be interesting to view this real-time graph in 12 months time to see what happens.

Main Grid Regions Drop Under The 25, 000 Mark

As of 26th July 2020 the total amount of main grid regions in Second Life has dropped under the 25, 000 mark according to the Second Life Grid Survey. Mainly through Private Estates and some Linden Owned regions have been showing signs of decline during the past month.

The total region count has actually been lower than this in previous years like back when there were 23, 298 regions back on 18th March 2018. At the moment there is no need to panic but if trends continue like they are then the decline will sadly get worse before the end of 2020.

The first six months of 2020 there have been signs of positive growth in Second Life and hopefully soon the grid growth will return. See below for the grid numbers counted for January, June and July.

Main Grid size as of 26th July 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 24, 947
  • Private Estates: 16, 662
  • Linden Owned: 8, 285

Main Grid size – 7th June 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 25, 160
  • Private Estates: 16, 902
  • Linden Owned: 8, 258

Main Grid size – 20th January 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 24, 147
  • Private Estates: 16, 036
  • Linden Owned: 8, 111

What To Expect Next ?

  • Once the migration to the cloud has been completed in early Autumn then the region capacity will increase again. The lab have not released any dates yet. This will effect the private estate numbers.
  • The Bellisseria continent will start to grow again after the cloud move is finished. This will increase the Linden Owned regions.
  • Hopefully during 2021 Linden Lab may lower the land costs or do something to help the Second Life community.

How does OpenSim compare ?

If you put the OSgrid and Kitely regions combined together it will surpass Second Life regions by a huge margin. There are now over 1, 572 public accessible opensim grids now. The total OpenSim land area expanded by more than 800 regions. Is everyone switching to OpenSim now ?

There are now roughly 80, 000 regions on OpenSim which is a huge amount. Second Life has 24, 947 regions in total. From the looks of things OpenSim is still growing in terms of regions and active users.

See July 2020 report

Hypergrid Business Data – July 2020

I will blog about the grid numbers in October and then again at the end of 2020. Hopefully by then the grid numbers will be positive. If there is any big changes or announcements then I’ll share them on my blog.

Second Life Statistics Update – June 2020

We are now six months into 2020 and it’s now time to look at the latest Second Life grid statistics. The key areas of focus is the main grid size, daily concurrency and signups.

Main Grid Size 

The good news is that the total size of the main grid has grown since the start of the year. There has been more interest in private estates this year. Linden Lab have added more new Linden owned regions to the Bellisseria continent during the past six months. The YTD net loss for private estate regions has stayed pretty low at around 0.4% since March 2020.

In mid May 2020 the lab announced that there was limited availability of new Second Life regions going forward. It’s likely that things may pick up again in early Autumn 2020. Second Life is in the process of migrating from the old existing dedicated servers to a cloud hosting service. When that process is complete the lab will release the unlimited region capacity again.

Unfortunately, our current server systems cannot accommodate unlimited growth without adversely impacting that stability and performance. This means that region inventory in Second Life will be extremely limited and may not be readily available until early fall.

For those that follow Tyche Shepherd weekly posts on VirtualVerse Forums there has not been no weekly updates since 30th March 2020 on the latest grid numbers. Note that stats on this blog post are from the Second Life Grid Survey and from the VirtualVerse Forums.

Main Grid size as of 7th June 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 25, 160
  • Private Estates: 16, 902
  • Linden Owned: 8, 258


  • General: 2, 648
  • Moderate: 15, 745
  • Adult: 6, 760
  • Total Size: 1648.89KM

Main Grid size on 20th January 2020

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 24, 147
  • Private Estates: 16, 036
  • Linden Owned: 8, 111


  • General: 2, 830
  • Moderate: 15, 059
  • Adult: 6, 253
  • Total Size: 1582.50KM

Previous Years Grid Stats

There are more regions in Second Life now than there was a few years ago or so. The lab have steadily added more and more Linden owned regions to the grid over the years which has made a positive difference to the grid numbers.

On 2nd June 2019

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 24, 147
  • Linden Owned: 8, 017
  • Private Estates: 16, 130

On 30th December 2018

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 23, 811
  • Linden Owned: 7, 691
  • Private Estates: 16, 120

18th March 2018

  • Total Main Grid Regions: 23, 298
  • Linden Owned: 7, 240
  • Private Estates: 16, 058

31st December 2017

  • Total Main Grid regions: 23, 332
  • Total Linden Owned: 7, 226
  • Total Private Estates: 16, 106

3rd January 2016

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 886
  • Linden Owned: 7, 111
  • Private Estates: 17, 775

Daily Concurrency 

The average daily concurrency for Second Life at the moment is between 30, 000min- 55, 000max at peak times. The maximum daily concurrency has not surpassed 60, 000 since late April 2020. During the past few months there has been more logging into Second Life probably due to the current health crisis the world is facing now.

  • Maximum Daily Concurrency – 55, 000 (average peak)
  • Median Daily Concurrency – 40, 400 (average)
  • Minimum Daily Concurrency – 30, 000 (average)


As of the 12th of June 2020 there have been 63, 734, 666 signups for Second Life since launch of the platform.

My next statistics update will be made in late October 2020.