2015 Second Life grid statistics update

Tyche Shepherd over at SLUniverse Forums has just released the first Second Life grid statistics of 2015. Every Sunday new stats are published on the New SL Sims in past week thread via SLUniverse Forums. It’s worth checking it out during 2015 if you are into Second Life metrics.

2013 vs 2014 vs 2015 region counts comparison

On 6th January 2013 there were 28, 036 main grid regions. There were 20, 921 private estates and 7, 115 Linden owned regions. During 2013 private estates in Second Life decreased by 1, 719 regions which is a net loss of 8.2%.

This time last year on 5th January 2014 there were 26, 227 main grid regions with 19, 241 of those being private estates and 6, 986 being Linden owned regions. During 2014 private estates in Second Life decreased by 673 regions which is a net loss of 3.5 loss.

According to the first report of 2015 published on 4th January 2015 the total number of Main Grid regions in Second Life now stands at 25, 611 regions. From the total amount there are 18, 579 private estates and 7, 032 Linden owned regions.

The Future

I think it’s going to be interesting to see what happens during 2015 in terms of the grid numbers and I hope that things start improving somehow for Second Life. 2015 is going to be a challenging year for Second Life with the upcoming new virtual world in the works, advances in the oculus rift, High Fidelity and the OpenSim platform.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I’ll continue to share the 2015 stats during the year so stay tuned for that.

What do you think will happen during 2015 in terms of grid numbers for Second Life ?


4 thoughts on “2015 Second Life grid statistics update

  1. How will the numbers ever back back up when linden lab going to start beta on SL 2.0?
    You can bet a good chunk of residents will be heading over leaving the old grid behind for good. Simple reasons it will be in cloud with very easy low end pc connections,it will offer voxel inworld building tools & of all be mostly copybot proof.
    Ebbe has stated in past it’s really not a option they will look into lowering the tier.
    sooner or later a big push will come to relieve linden lab of the costly server side legacy management that day is coming as running a 20k server farm is outdated.

    There will never be a return to the big BOOM and wild west if anything the grid with mesh & fashion is in its own special boom right now.

    my analysis is the drop should stop and establish a flat level at around15k private regions under the current environment but with 2.0 & high fidelity looming i see a loss of 5000 to 7000 regions to 2.0 in the first year out of beta. why that will not be so bad is that income not be lost but moved to a different product.
    my best analysis will be 11k private regions followed by just 0.08 growth for 2 years then a plateau leap to between 10k to 12k depending on the actions in the future the linden take.
    smaller grid might not be such a bad thing depending on how you see it.


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