Celebrating 6 Years of InWorldz – planning details released for 2015

InWorldz will be celebrating it’s 6th birthday from 28th March through until 5th April 2015 and this year there will be a grand birthday bash party on 1st April 2015. Also in April and May there will be contests and other interesting fun activities happening. ! šŸ™‚

The organisers are still in the planning phase at the moment but they need your help to make it interesting, entertaining and fun. This year for the IW6 birthday the mainĀ focus will be on community and team builds.

Volunteers, Entertainers, Builders and Artists are needed.Ā IMĀ EventsCoordinator InWorldz for more details about the 6th birthday of InWorldz. Spread the word and lets all take part! šŸ™‚

InWorldz 6th Birthday Call For VolunteersĀ AnnouncementĀ 

IW6 – Celebrating 6 Years Of InWorldz! Call for Volunteers

It will be time again to celebrate the anniversary of InWorldz soon and we need all of you to make it as fun, interesting and entertaining as possible.

This year we will be celebrating with entertainment beginning March 28th through April 5th. After that we will have contests and other fun activities available throughout April and May. We will be sending more info on the contests so stay tuned for that information.

We will have our grand Birthday bash party on April 1st.

The areas will include 5 full sims, 8-13 water scenics, 17-20 scenics for builds. though some of the water sims and scenics will be vacant in order to help minimize lag.

We would like to focus on community and team builds this year. While we will accept individual submissions for builds we will give priority to collaborations and teams/communities.

We are still in the planning phase and decided to wait before assigning all the sims until we get your proposals for builds. We do however have a few sims that we have designated.

1. Events A will be a Marina/Airport sim – this will be the spot where water vehicles will be rezzed for sailing and boating and other water vehicles. We will also have airplane flights and helicopter rides.
There will also be water sims available for boating, sailing and other water craft activities.

2. Events B will be for small to medium community builds

3. Events C and scenic 10 will be for our “Then and Now Museum along with smaller “Then and Now” Themed builds

4. Scenic 21 will again be our Welcome/Info Hub

5. Events F will be our Main Stage sim where all the entertainment events will be held.

6. Events G will be our merchant sim

All the other sims will be used for your builds, so you guys get together with your favorite team, group or community and come up with some great ideas for building. We would love to see as many groups/communities as possible represented.

We did not want to limit your creativity by mandating a theme however we will have a few themed sims for builds. We chose a theme of “Then and Now”. We will have a museum on one of the sims to represent this theme with items from the past and present. The “Then and Now” theme takes several forms –
1. Then and Now InWorldz – Show a progression of things from the past to present – ie a photo exhibit of prim building to mesh. ie: grid experiences then and now
2. Then and Now Historical – ie: A comparison of two or more historical eras.
3. Then and Now Communities – ie: development of communities
4. Other themes ( you choose the theme of your choice)

Size Builds
Large : 10,000 prims – up to 100m x 100m
Medium : 5,000 prims up to 60m x 60m
Small : 2500 prims up to 40m x 40m
Light : 2000 prims : up to 80m x 80m (on a scenic, so light scripting only)


NOTE – if we receive more proposals than we have space to allot we will prioritize by the order in which submissions are received with first priority given to group/team/community builds

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the areas below, go to the IW6 Welcome/Info sim and click on the IW6 Call for Volunteers poster.
http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20E … 134/142/29

We are looking for submissions for community or individual builds. You may choose your own theme or use one of the “Then and Now” themes

We are looking for someone or a team to build out the merchant area.

We are looking for someone or a team to build out the marina/aiport sim.

We will have a market area for merchants to have shops. Submit to reserve a shop.

We need 2d(photographers/pics) and 3d(sculpture) artwork

We will be having contests throughout the event and will need some great prizes. If you would like to donate a prize please submit a form

We will need all of you talented entertainers for our week of festivities. We need Storytellers, Fashion Shows, Theatre shows, LIve performers, Musicians, DJs, Dance troupes and just about any type of entertainment you can think of. If you are interested in being a performer/entertainer for the IW6 celebration contact Astoria Luminos so that she can place you on our calendar of events.

We are looking for a great poster to use for the IW6 and we want someone from the IW community to create it. If you would like to submit a poster for consideration as our Main IW6 poster please fill out the form below and send to EventsCoordinator InWorldz. The creator of the poster chosen will receive a cash prize of 2500z

Thanks in advance for your interest and interest in participating and sharing your talents to the celebration of IW6

EventsCoordinator InWorldz

Here are some personal favourite snapshots from the past of InWorldz Birthdays! šŸ˜€

InWorldz 3rd birthday
InWorldz 3rd Birthday
InWorldz 3rd birthday 2912
InWorldz 3rd birthday
InWorldz 5th Birthday 2014
InWorldz 5th Birthday

Will you be attending InWorldz 6th Birthday ?Ā 


8th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference 2015

Here are the latest updates for the upcomingĀ 8th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference happening 18th-21st March 2015 in Second Life.

  • Final Round: Call For Proposals due Jan 14
  • Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altber to Open VWBPE 2015
  • Advancing Innovation through Sponsorship
  • Volunteers, Save the Date!
  • Exhibitor, Machinima and more info posts this week

The 8th Annual VWBPE Conference is the Ā event bringing together educators/trainers, practitioners, administrators and policy makers from around the world to present, discuss and review ongoing developments in the field of 3D virtualization, its applications, and opportunities.

Over 3,300 people from 45 countries attended our last conference. There were 80 presentations in three days including keynote addresses by Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab and Philip Rosedale, Second Life creator and CEO of High Fidelity.

Save the date > March 18-21, 2015!

More info can be found at http://vwbpe.org.

Here are some of my VWBPE snapshots from the past and I like to share them below!

VWBPE 2010
VWBPE 2010
VWBPE Gateway 2011
VWBPE Gateway 2011
VWBPE 2012
VWBPE 2012 – chatting to friendsĀ 
VWBPE 2012 Dragon parade
VWBPE 2012 – A fantastic Dragon parade
VWBPE 2013
VWBPE 2013 – Large crowds gatherĀ 
VWBPE Main Auditorium 2013
VWBPE Main Auditorium 2013
VWBPE 2014
VWBPE 2014 Ā – It’s Ebbe Linden!Ā 
Philip Rosedale at VWBPE 2014
Philip Rosedale at VWBPE 2014

I’m looking forward to taking more snapshots at VWBPE 2015 so it can join the photo collection. Woooot!!! šŸ™‚