The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 26: Absinthe] now available

Draxtor Despres has just uploaded Episode 26 called Absinthe and it’s now available to watch on YouTube. This episode is all about the fashion industry & identity in under 5 minutes.

“Second Life is so multifaceted that you can’t really make a judgement as to whether somebody’s activity is more serious than somebody else’s!” says Absinthe, a virtual super model: “I get up in arms when people put down Second Life as escapism!”

Yes Absinthe, who works with HIV/AIDS children in her day job, fully embraces her SLelebrity status despite the raised eyebrows of friends and colleagues when she mentions what she terms “my hobby”.

Check this out and spread the word! 🙂

More info about Episode 26

Indeed there is no shortage of articles which dismiss in particular the fashion industry in this largest user-created virtual world as lonely adults playing Barbie & Ken after-hours.

But there is so much more underneath this playful engagement with avatar dolls: exploration of identity, ethnicity, class and embracing the creative impulse in all of us, those are just a few themes that run alongside Absinthe’s story.

Not to mention that her FEROSH project has brought her recognition beyond the virtual realm as this fashion compendium is available in physical print, rivaling RL publications in its beautiful presentation and style.

But let us for now simply embrace the wonderful distraction of some talented women in gorgeous dresses, accessories and hair.

I think this episode is fantastic and I have to say Absinthe is amazing from watching. Thanks Drax for another great episode and I’ll look forward to the next one. Glad that Second Life was mentioned once again. Yay! 😀


SL Go latest news: “we are giving all of our subscribers a free month of SL Go”

The SL Go team have sent out an email this week to all SL Go users to let them know of an issue in the SL Go Second Life viewer that prevents them teleporting. Apparently the SL Go SLV viewer has been running fine for months and for some reason people can’t teleport.

The SL Go team are now working with Linden Lab to resolve the problem ASAP.

The good news is that the SL Go team will be giving all SL Go subscribers a free month of SL Go to make up for time lost. This is a good response from the SL Go team I think to give everyone a free month and this offer applies to all those that have an active subscription.

Here is the email that was sent out this week to the SL Go community. 

To our valued SL Go Community,

You may be aware of an issue in SL Go for those using the Second Life Viewer (SLV) that prevents teleporting. This does not affect Firestorm users. Only the Second Life Viewer is affected, which is available on PC/Mac, iPad and Android tablets. We understand this has been an inconvenience for many of you.

SL Go has had a stable version of SLV for many months, and this problem was not due to any changes on our end. We are working with Linden Lab to resolve the problem as quickly as we can.

We understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. We will give all SL Go subscribers a free month of SL Go to make up for time lost. The next time your subscription renews, you will not be charged.

Our goal is to continuously improve the SL Go experience. We are committed to our community in Second Life and hope that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of SL Go.

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