Latest New SL Sims Statistics

Tyche Shepherd does a amazing job each week gathering region statistics and sharing the statistics publicly on the New SL Sims in past week post on SLUniverse Forums. The New SL Sims post includes the latest sim arrivals, sim departures, returning sims and even SL quarterly economy metrics. Tyche Shepherd runs the region database at Second Life Grid Survey, which displays a number of interesting SL metrics on a daily basis too.

Tyche Shepherd started the service on 23rd March 2008 and back then there were 17, 709 publically visible Main Grid sims. Today’s number of Main Grid regions has increased to 31, 596, ( 24815 private estates & 6781 Linden owned), as of 4pm SLT. The Main Grid saw a new arrival of 215 Teen Grid regions (111 Private Estate and 104 Linden owned), coming online due to the merger on Friday 21st January 2011.

It’s really interesting statistics I think and I recommend you check out the links for the latest SL grid metrics to stay updated.