Popular SL News During February 2011

This is the February 2011 edition of popular Second Life news during this month with links and dates below.

Spring SL TweetUp 2011

Tomorrow (27th Feb 2011) there will be a special spring SLtweetup 2011 event hosted at Matanzas region in Second Life. The event starts at 10am SLT and ends at 6pm SLT to allow everyone to get online from different timezones around the world. I’m excited about attending this SL TweetUp event and will look forward to meeting everyone.

SkateFossToxic Menges announced the event on Twitter this Thursday just gone and I’m sure there will a good attendance tomorrow. I will be uploading pics from the event onto my SL Flickr timeline at some point tomorrow.

SLTweetUp was great fun yesterday (27th February 2011)

Space Destiny Island Is Closing In Second Life

Apparently the well known Space Destiny destination in Second Life is closing down. Space Destiny is one of my favourite locations to visit in Second Life and it’s rather upsetting to see it be closed down. The reason for closing is unknown.

Group Notice From: Welcome to NASA

Space Destiny island is closing. Come and take your last chance to explore. Experience the Planetarium,  Star Trek builds, and exhibits on Outer Space Exploration.

Farewell Fireworks show will commence every hour, 15 minutes past the hour,  from 5:00AM to 7:15PM SLT.


Enus Linden Departure & Lil Linden Moves On

Oskar Linden has announced the departure of Enus Linden during Server Beta User Group meeting yesterday, according to a tweet from Twitter.

it is with great sadness that I announce the departure of dear Enus Linden, my boss for more than 2 years – Oskar Linden#SL

Lil Linden (Server Release Manager) appears to be moving on from Linden Lab, according to this week’s Weekly Linden account changes, week 8 by Tateru Nino. I wish Enus and Lil the best of luck for the future.

Last month Esbee Linden (SnowStorm Product Manager), Joe Miller and Mark Wallace left Linden Lab along with others. There are now 251 Linden accounts and now there appears to be 18 position listings on the official Linden Lab employment page.

SL Security Certificate Warnings

Linden Lab are currently working on the transition from the old to the new SL community platform, as previously announced last week. The SL Blogs, SL Forums and SL Answers are currently only readable at the moment until 2nd, March 2011, when the new SL platform launches.

Many are reporting that when you visit the SL blogs it pops up with a security certificate warning. Chrome and other browsers show the same security certificate warnings and heres the image of the warning below.

The lab are currently working on this and it should be resolved soon.


Viewer 2 One Year Later

Today marks one year on since Linden Lab launched the new Viewer 2 Public Beta to the SL community to try out. Viewer 2 public beta page was released to the public on 23rd, February 2010, around 9:45am PST, which is 5:45pm UK time. T Linden hosted his keynotes speech at SL Pro 2010 and then Viewer 2 was shortly released soon after that. I published my review of Viewer 2 on launch day which can be found here which includes screenshots of Viewer 2. Screenshot below of version 2.5.

Since the launch of Viewer 2 there has been tons of mixed opinions about display names, web-based profiles, inworld search, the user-interface, privacy controls etc in the past year. Viewer 2 does come with improvements that Viewer 1 didn’t have like Mesh, HTML on a prim, easier SLURL navigation, landmarks bar, favourite places on Login screen, performance increases and lot’s more.

There are inworld weekly meetings with the Snowstorm Team every Tuesday and Wednesday about the developments, design and coding of Viewer 2 which are useful if you like following the latest updates. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens between now and the 2nd anniversary of Viewer 2 if it reaches that milestone and look back on the developments of V2. I would imagine that sometime during 2011 Linden Lab will turn off Viewer 1.23 completely.

Today on Viewer 2.5 there are still residents that use Viewer 2 but many have chosen to switch to Third Party Viewers in the past year and they will remain on TPVs until something different comes along in the near future.

What are your opinions one year later on Viewer 2 ?

VWBPE 2011 Regions Come Online

Last week there was a new arrival of Virtual World Best Practise in Education 2011 regions that came online. Next month’s VWBPE conference takes place on Thursday 17th March to Saturday 19th March 2011. More details about the conference visit http://www.vwbpe.org/.

SL Residents to follow on Twitter during 2011

Here is a good selection of 50+ SL resident accounts on Twitter you should follow to hear the latest happenings from the Second Life community. It’s time for Linden Lab to hear what is happening from their customer base. This list is in a favourite random order and feel free to follow me at http://twitter.com/danielvoyager.

  1. SecondLie
  2. Mal Burns
  3. SL Hamlet
  4. Tateru Nino
  5. Indigo Mertel
  6. Lufpeh
  7. Bevan Whitfield
  8. Grace McDunnough
  9. Crap Mariner
  10. Dusan Writer
  11. Ann Otoole
  12. Marianne McCann
  13. Toxic Menges
  14. Oliver Szondi
  15. Skate Foss
  16. Ener Hax
  17. Prokofy Neva
  18. Paisley Beebe
  19. Jenn Forager
  20. Bay City SL
  21. Betterverse SL
  22. East River Community
  23. Prim Perfect
  24. Lalo Telling
  25. Treet TV
  26. Bunjie
  27. Rocky Constantine
  28. Opensource Obscure
  29. Net Antwerp
  30. Phaylen Fairchild
  31. Patchouli Woollahra
  32. Stryker Jenkins
  33. Botgirl Questi
  34. Ciaran Laval
  35. Suzan Littlething
  36. Trudy Takacs
  37. Dale Innis
  38. Slim Warrior
  39. Holocluck Henly
  40. Sanura Snowpaw
  41. Abel Undercity
  42. Raul Crimson
  43. Bebe Naidoo
  44. Maggie Leber
  45. Marx Dudek
  46. Wizard Gynoid
  47. Bashful Pixie
  48. Mickey Vandeverre
  49. Delphina Anudina
  50. HUGSaLOT
  51. James Pollard
  52. Pathfinder Lester
  53. JoJa Dhara
  54. Ron Blechner
  55. Rivenhomewood

Feel free to add your active Twitter SL accounts in comments or perhaps your favourite ones you like to follow for Second Life.

Lindens to follow on Twitter during 2011

Here is the updated 2011 list on active Linden accounts on Twitter for the latest SL news and SL gossip.

You may notice that the list has been reduced since my last post back in July 2009 and that’s because of the massive departures last year at the lab. Hopefully there will be more new Linden Twitter accounts during 2011/2012 that will be keeping the SL community informed on the latest happenings.

SL Release Notes History

Since November 2002 there have been hundreds of released versions of the Second Life Viewer along with new features and bug fixes made by Linden Lab over the years. You may be wondering where can you find the oldest release notes to the latest release notes of the Second Life viewer and there are two links that you may find interesting.

From version 0.1.0 back in November 2002 to version 2.5/2.6 today it’s quite amazing how far Second Life has come I think. There is a useful page about version numbering which is a good read. There is a link for Release Notes in the About Second Life section under the Help menu to look up what version you are using inworld.