SL Marketplace New Maturity Changes

Brooke Linden posted up a new thread on the SL Forums called Maturity Changes in the Marketplace, yesterday morning SLT. Check out the new maturity changes below. What are your views on this change?

Hi all,
As many of you know, the teen grid was shut down on Friday. This week, we will be rolling out some changes in Marketplace to ensure Residents under 18 will not be exposed to adult content. Here is a quick summary of what changes will be occurring.
Phase 1: 1/27 Release
On Thursday, the Marketplace will move to the General, Moderate, and Adult content levels already in use in the Viewer. Just prior to this release (starting on Wednesday), we will be running a process that will add a content level to existing items. Once the release has been completed, you will be able to review the ratings set on your Marketplace listings by viewing your inventory: there will be a new column “Maturity” showing what level the item falls into. Search will now support viewing general or moderate/adult content. Please view the updated listing guidelines (link points to the current guidelines) on Thursday for more details.
Note that, in addition to automated process to migrate listings, it will continue to be possible to flag listings. Please take some time after the new guidelines are posted to review your listings and make sure they comply. People will be able to start flagging listings based upon the new guidelines on Thursday (though I do not expect that we will see much of this right away), so the sooner you can do this, the better!
Phase 2: by 2/28/2011
Before the end of February, Marketplace will be updated to allow setting maturity level preferences at a more granular level than is currently supported, such as allowing Residents to view moderate content without adult content included.
Why was this done in 2 steps? Timing, pure and simple. We wanted to ensure we had the proper controls in place as soon as possible for the teens entering the main grid. Phase 2 will provide further refinement.
A quick update on Maturity is on the agenda for the Marketplace Office Hours on 1/26.