Esbee Linden SnowStorm Product Manager Is Leaving Linden Lab

Esbee Linden, the SL SnowStorm Project Manager has announced during office hours today her last day at Linden Lab will be this Friday, 21st January 2011. This is going to be a big loss for Second Life and for the Viewer 2 developments in the pipeline. Editorial Clarity has pointed out to me that she was given “another offer somewhere else, that she didn’t want to turn down”.

[08:44] Esbee Linden: My last day at Linden Lab is this Friday

I wish Esbee Linden the best of luck for the future in whatever she decides to do next.

Trip Down SL Memory Lane

When looking at SLUniverse Forums today I came across a post called Top 10 things that make you feel old in SL. This reminded me of the good old days in SL, back down memory lane during 2006. I have a big interest in SL historical stuff and places. 😀

Here is my top 10 things that makes me feel old in SL

  1. Profile ratings in profiles
  2. Testing of Windlight
  3. Concurrency was around 12, 000 to 15, 000 at peak hours
  4. Downtime Wednesdays “The grid is down while we bang on things”
  5. When avatar shapes looked like the 03 newbies
  6. The lag meters in the top right corner of the viewer & Ruth clouds
  7. Regular Linden Lab events inworld like town hall meetings
  8. Live help & Mentors
  9. 100 blog comments on the SL blog was the maximum
  10. The chat parrot at Orientation Island

I would love to know what your top 10 list is from the old days in Second Life are.