SL Mesh, Update 2

Update 2: The mesh office hours are normally on Mondays but it was rescheduled this week, cause of the U.S holiday yesterday. Here is the latest status news on Mesh from the Mesh team at Linden Lab during the Mesh HQ Beta office hours between 11am-12pm SLT.

Latest Progress / Issues

  • [11:54]  Nyx Linden: next topic: “Any significant progress recently to share? What are the top issues being worked on right now?
  • [11:54]  Nyx Linden: bugs, stability, crashes


  • [11:58]  Nyx Linden: next: “Can you give us some very rough ETA, perhaps guesstimate what quarter mesh release is likely? Hate to nag, but content creators, business owners and sim owners need some indication in order to make plans regarding product releases and builds.
  • [11:58]  Nyx Linden: no eta. sorry. We’ll blog about it when we can.

Rigged Mesh

  • [11:58]  Nyx Linden: next topic: “Any chance scaling will be added to rigged mesh while it is worn?
  • [12:01]  Prep Linden: In regards to the last topic: we do not intened to allow scaling on a rigged mesh (at least for launch).

Next Mesh office hour is scheduled for next Monday. Update 3 will be published soon!