SL Group Limits History

Linden Lab announced yesterday that they have raised the group limit from 25 to 42 that SL residents can join at the maximum.

History of group limits in Second Life. If anyone know of exact dates when groups were raised feel free to comment.

Why Linden Lab picked 42 groups is still unknown at the moment. What do you think about 42 groups now enabled on the grid?

Teen Grid Transition Happening On 20th January 2011

The Teen Grid merge will officially happen next week sometime during early morning on Thursday 20th January 2011, according to Spark Master’s blog informing everyone about the new merge day announcement.

Terrance Linden announced new details at TSL last ever office hour apparently at the I-World Village on 13th January 2011, from 2pm-3pm SLT. Terrence will not be doing a blog post about it.

The full transcript can be found on Blaze Borgin’s blog post, as our days become numbered. Next weekend is going to be interesting and if anyone knows me then feel free to IM me/add me as a friend when you arrive on the MG.

I knew alot of friends when I transferred to MG in mid-December 2008 and its going to be good to catch up with them again.

So let the great migration begin…