Teen Grid Has Officially Merged

After 1pm SLT today, Linden Lab started to transfer accounts and land held by 16-17 year olds from TSL to the Main Grid. Many residents started to teleport others over to the TSL regions which works successfully. It’s going to be good meeting up with old friends again after 2 years or so since I transferred to the Main Grid back in December 2008.

The process still may take some time yet to fully complete. Oskar Linden says that the “map server will fix itself after 2am tonight”, meaning that TSL regions will show visible to the rest of the MG then. Oskar Linden also said that Teens will be transferring alphabetically via script and Oskar said that “we’ve been testing the script all week”.

Oasis – Shopping Mail

Eros – The Showcase for Teen Talent

Bay City

Welcome Teens to the Main Grid. Good luck to all of you! 🙂

Art Maze 2011 Opens On Zindra 'adult continent'

Art Maze 2011, has opened up to everyone today.  on the adult continent of Zindra, to raise awareness, promote and help foster a healthy Zindra business in Second Life. The Art Maze 2011 will run through to Sunday 30th January 2011. The Art Maze take up 4 regions, including alot of things to do and see when exploring the maze. It’s AWESOME!


This maze is HUGE..lots to see and do! Secrets to find! Multiple trips through Art maze is HIGHLY recommended, and the exhibition will be up from JAN 21 through JAN 30 so you will have many opportunities!.

More details about the Art Maze

Collaboration Meets Creativity on Zexpo Island

On January 21, Art Maze 2011 will debut as a new collaborative event featuring SL artists, builders and architects coming together to form a giant labyrinth, where visitors will explore unique creative environments in a truly immersive Second Life experience on the adult continent of Zindra.

AM2011 takes place on The Zexpo island (on the ‘adult continent’ of Zindra) as part of an initiative to raise awareness, promote and help foster a healthy Zindra business, community and outreach effort.

Being located on Zindra means that all participants must be verified adult to be involved. For detailed information on age verification, visit:

This does not mean the maze will be all ‘adult content’, but it will allow for some such rated content if deemed acceptable by the curators.
This event will allow for content that may not be suitable for PG or Mature rated regions. Of course, all content must still adhere to the Second Life TOS and CS.

Art Maze 2011 opens Friday, January 21, runs through the weekend of January 30th, and will feature a diverse group of Second Life creators and styles.

Grid Merge Failed Attempt 1, Green Light for Teen Migration This Morning

According to Blaze Borgin blog post the merge didn’t happen yesterday. Sad to say that Linden Lab have broke their promise and failed to deliver on time. It was due to take place in the early hours of Thursday morning but now it looks like it may happen this morning SLT (21st January 2011).

Whew it’s late. Anyways, not-so-surprising news from terrence…

[21:47]  Terrence Linden: just telling everyone that I failed, but back on it tomorrow morning

I’ll be checking back tomorrow. *yawn* I need some sleep.

When more develops I will publish it. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

21st January 2011 Update Status

  • [10:35]  Terrence Linden: haha.  sure, so far so good
  • [10:35]  Terrence Linden: i’ll let everyone know
  • [10:38]  Terrence Linden: i need to sleep!
  • [10:38]  Terrence Linden: 🙂
  • [10:45]  Terrence Linden: not right now
  • [10:45]  Terrence Linden: but when we get started people will know

Still at this stage its still very unknown on when it will take place. My estimations for attempt 2 puts the merger sometime this afternoon/evening SLT,  Attempt 3 during Saturday daytime or Attempt 4 during Sunday daytime. I guess there will be a formal announcement when it takes place very soon.