Parcel Media Changes in 1.19.1

Released by LL!

The new media on a parcel feature allows landowners to select and display a wide range of Web-based media content, including Web pages, movies, images, text documents and audio.

*Key things you should know about*

  • When you arrive on a parcel with media available, you will be presented with a media display, just as you are currently and decide whether you want to “play” the media or not. You will need to click the play button to load the Web page or other media.
  • Parcel owners who want to display media-on-a-parcel will generally not need to set the “type” of the media (“QuickTime movie,” “Web page,” etc.) it should automatically detect it.
  • While not a shared interactive experience, it does include an in-viewer web browser (which enables viewing of web content inworld, a popular request in our public JIRA, see: VWR-5004)
  • > For more info – click here

    > Visit the Knowledge Base for more information


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