RL News: Storms HIT the UK

Not to bad where I am however everyone seems to be talking about it, so here is the breaking news on the 10th of March 2008.
“Winds of more than 80mph have blown across parts of England, bringing down trees, damaging buildings and causing travel chaos. “A stream of gale force winds has been gusting up the English Channel. “Winds of 95mph on the Isle of Wight, which is hurricane force” .
“Around 4,500 people woke up without power in the West Country and South Wales, while there were also power cuts in Hassocks, West Sussex, and Kingston, near Lewes, East Sussex”.
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Hopefully in the next couple of days or before the end of the week the weather should get back to normal – “Mother Nature”. We can expect that this weather will get bad each year because of “Global Warming” both the UK and the World so who knows what it will be like in 15 years time or so.
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