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Islands Website is a central place for Teen Grid residents and Main Grid Users residents to post Islands for sale. Even post Wanted Ad’s If your Looking to buy, sonof Marvin will approve anyone who is registered with WordPress and would like to be a poster of the blog. Its not a Website, Its a blog. wooooooot!

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Using Landmarks – Tutorial 2


In Second Life, you can think of Landmarks as being similar to Bookmarks or Favorites in a web browser, also with landmarks you can go back to the location as many times as you wish,  unless that land is currently offline or the owner has closed the land that is.

How do I create Landmarks?

Click the World Menu located top of your SL window > Select Create Landmark Here. All landmarks that you create will be stored in your Inventory > Landmarks folder for safe keeping.

How do I get to a Landmark?

Click on Inventory > Landmarks > Double click on one to Teleport to the location.

What if that didn’t work?

If you are getting message saying “You cannot create a landmark here” that means the region or land you’re in has landmarks turned off, many owners do prefer to do this for various reasons.

How do I share Landmarks?

From your Inventory Drag and drop the landmark into your chosen resident’s profile where it says Give Item or drag it on their avatar.


  • If you’re not exactly at the Landmark’s coordinates, then a red beacon with a red arrow will guide you, showing you how far you are from your destination. You can click the arrow to make it disappear. To activate them click on Edit Menu > Beacons.
  • Another way click on Map > on the right hand side, > click on My Landmarks where when you select them it will show you it on the Map then just click Teleport to go there
  • More info check out second life support

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Tutorial @2