(New) Second Life Brand Center – Just In

The new Second Life Brand Center will allow Second Life residents to promote their own brands, products and activities within Second Life/Teen Second Life worlds, with that happening LL have also said that they will be launching the inSL Logo Program, which provides a new community logo for Second Life Residents. What is your feedback on this? Like it or Hate it?.

For more info please check the second life blog, visit here for the latest resident feedback > http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/03/24/introducing-the-second-life-brand-center/


Permissions to SL Objects @9


If the the object is inworld (rezzed), right-click it and choose Edit, then navigate to the General tab. If the object is in your inventory, right-click it and choose Properties to pick your Permissions for your object.

Quick Overview!

Modify: Checking this lets the next owner modify your creation. Unchecking it denies any modifications.

Copy: Checking this lets the next owner copy your creation. If they drag the object from inventory to inworld, they will retain a copy in inventory. Unchecking it denies any copies; if they drag the object inworld it will leave their inventory until taken back into inventory.

Resell/Give Away: Checking this lets the next owner give your creation to someone else. If the object permits Copy, they can sell copies. If the object does not permit Copy, they can only sell the original. Unchecking this means the next owner cannot give the object to anyone else. If the object permits Copy but not Resell/Give Away, they can make as many copies as they want for their own uses, but can never give a copy away or sell it.