How to use SLURL – Tutorial 7


What is SLurl?

SLurl provides direct teleport links to locations in Second Life or Teen Second Life. If you have Second Life installed, clicking on the map link will automatically teleport you to that location in-world this is a great way to go straight from a internet website and then go straight to the location quickly.

Why use SLurl?

Because it gives you many customized controls, also provides a better experience for second life residents to create slurls to a location in Second Life.

Is it free to use?


How Do I build one/how do I get started?

Click here > Be a super SLurl builder today!

Check out the SLURL site > Click here


Open Grid Protocol – Coming Soon!

This will be released sometime in 2009, provided you have a computer hooked up and dedicate it to running it with good requirements added to that, this will be a server protocol as a form of instructions that would allow Linden-run servers and non-Linden-run servers to run and also lets you set them up for the grids to come together.

Just think of that for a moment where you could have your own sweet sim set up, how cool will that be? or not? I’ll let you decide on that! But this sounds exciting anyway.

For more info check out: