Today is a Leap Year

A leap year is a year in which an extra day is added to the calendar in order to synchronize it with the seasons. Since the tropical year is 365.242190 days long, a leap year must be added roughly once every four years (four times the fractional day gives ). In a leap year, the extra day (known as a leap day) is added at the end of February, giving it 29 instead of the usual 28 days. The leap year was introduced in the Julian calendar in 46 BC.

The year 2008 is a leap year. If you look at a 2008 calendar, you will see that February has five Fridays–the month begins and ends on a Friday. Between the years 1904 and 2096, leap years that share the same day of week for each date repeat only every 28 years. The most recent year in which February comprised five Fridays was in 1980, and the next occurrence will be in 2036. February 29, the leap day, has been associated with age-old traditions, superstitions and folklore.

Leap Year facts

  • The original Roman 355 day calendar had an extra 22-day month every few years to maintain the correct seasonal changes.
  • A year which is not a leap year is called a common year.
  • A person born on February 29 may be called a “leapling”.
  • In Scotland it is thought unlucky to be born on a Leap Year”s Day.
  • If you were born today you would have you birthday every 4 years

TSL New Sims – Coming Soon!

Breaking News

This is great news for Teen Second Life, I have heard from many sources and from Blue Linden there will be 12 new city sims on the way soon to TG, this is part of LDPW = Linden Department of Public works project. It would be nice to have different theme sims instead of it all being City Sims that is what I think, but hey TSL is finally expanding again.

Please visit tbese links below to find out more info and how you can take part!

Metaversa – TSL Orientation Video

This was a really interesting video which I found on YouTube by searching for “Teen Second Life”. It was great to see TSL Orientation Island again because the last time I saw it was back in October 2006 when I joined TSL, does not look any changes have been made there, maybe soon tho!

Enjoy the VIDEO!

The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation has just launched a major new exhibit creation initiative in Second Life and they want you, in TSL!

They currently offering $5000 prizes for the best interactive RL exhibits on technology in art, film, and music designed in Second Life.

Guest speaker Avi Markova, the approved adult organizing the project and RL museum exhibitor, will speak about how the museum is changing the way they do RL exhibits by inviting those in SL to create inworld exhibits that can be built in real life! No previous curation skills needed!

Come find out how to be part of this amazing contest!
Wednesday, February 27th, 1pm PST/SLT @ the main stage at DIDI Island!

Exhibits hosted in TSL by Eye4You Alliance!
Be ready for a field trip to the exhibit space on Eye4You! Landmarks will be provided
Also you can Join the Eye4you Alliance – The Tech Virtual group which is FREE to Join for more info.

Winners receive:
-$5000 USD (awarded in June of 2008)
-the chance to see your virtual exhibit made into a real exhibit at The Tech!
They will also be awarding the Teen Grid-only prize of $1000 for the best Teen Grid exhibit!

View The Tech’s page on the virtual project here!

Global Kids Website

Image of The Tech Musuem invite
The Tech Museum of Innovation

Space Build Day 2008

Must attend event!

Who:  Everyone on the teen grid. The fun is in the doing — the building and sharing of ideas. The more people who participate, the more everyone wins.

What:  Come and show off your best design works and build something new right on the spot 

Where:  Eye4You Island

When:  Saturday, March 1, 2008, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm SLT.

Why:  This could be the 1st Annual Space Set Design and Prop Building Contest.

How:  Get your creative juices flowing. Come to Space Build Day.


For more details please visit Eye4you Alliance Island and look for the (Yellow Boxes)

If you have comments or questions please send an IM to:

Dreyfus Dryke (Teen Second Life grid)
Stone Semyorka (Second Life adult grid)

The TSL Journal

The TSL Journal is now HERE! > The only source for all of your TSL News

Many of you already know about TSL Journal is all about however some do not know about it, The TSL Journal is where you can send news if you see news happening in Teen Second Life it goes straight to the TSL Journal HQ.

How do I send it in?

  1. Write a story or two – Make it exciting, fun, easy to understand it etc!
  2. TSL Journal will be used for the latest news, upcoming events, reviews etc
  3. If you would like to become a writer and get your stories posted please send a e-mail to the following below
  4. Please send an email to
  5. Most stories are accepted and if you would like to write an opinion please email it to
  6. Please bookmark TSL Journal for the latest >

Bringing you the news first!

New SL Dazzle Client (

 New SL Dazzle Client (

The New Second Life Dazzle First Look viewer offers a cleaner, more modernized look and feel to the viewer interface. Try it out today!

What is a First Look Viewer?

First Look Viewers are test versions of the Second Life viewer. These viewers connect to the main grid, so that you can test it in your everyday Second Life. These are test viewers connecting to the live grid which means everything you do is for real.  


Snapshots of Dazzle (Click Here)

For more information about SL Dazzle (Click Here) > Info, FAQ etc

My Blog Development – Update 1

Throughout this year I will keep you up-to-date on the latest updates and new pages which I’m adding to the blog! Here is the latest:


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  • My TSL History > Details about my progress so far in TSL
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New pages adding shortly, pages above do get updated weekly

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My Flickr Stats – February 2008

Hello Everyone, I have now decided to do my Flickr stats every 2 months plus statistics post once per month which will hopefully be interesting over the months. Thank you very much for the new comments this year and re-visiting my blog etc. Here are My Flickr Stats for February 2008 🙂 > Next stats will be April 2008

 View Counts

Total View Counts: 10,667

Photos: 9,130

Photostream: 1,432

Sets: 87

Collections: 18

Most Viewed Photos – Views

1. The first YAM Meeting > 6,213

2. February Windlight Snapshots > 14

3. STS – 122 Space Shuttle almost time for Launch!!!18

4. February Windlight Snapshots > 15

5. The Tech Museum kick off event > 5

Most Interesting Photos – Views

1. The first YAM Advisory Meeting with teens > 6,213

2. Sydney celebrates the new year 2008 > 73

3. Moon Phrases – December 2007 > 66

4. New Year 2008 Celebrations! > 40

5. Teen Grid Map 2007 > 39

Very interesting stats this month since December 2007, Here is my last post from December 2007 stats if you wish to compare or see the difference (click here).

Been to my Daniel Voyager Flickr yet? or maybe you do know it but you don’t seem to check it often nows your chance, I upload new snapshots from TSL weekly if not then very often.

What are you waiting for…….check it out folks 🙂

TSL – Building your own museum exhibit

Where: Eye4you Alliance

How Long for: 2 Hours

Stating at: 10am SLT

What? The Tech Museum of Innovation, a rl interactive science center in California is offering YOU the chance to design and prototype interactive exhibits on technology in art, film, and music for an upcoming rl exhibition.  The best virtual exhibits will be developed as rl exhibits for The Tech, and their creators will win $5000 USD and an invitation to the rl exhibition opening. IM Avi Markova or Saryn Eye4You for more info.

Come along and enjoy the fun 🙂