Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-123 Launched!

Yay! Space Shuttle Endeavour STS – 123 succesfully launched in the early hours of today,  it launched at 2:28am EST (6:28am GMT). STS-123 is the 25th shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

I will have to watch the highlights later today of the launch as it was a school day for me and it was at 6:28am UK Time, wooot!. So I will check it out later and keep up-to-date with the latest the mission.

About This Mission:

Endeavour is taking the first section of a Japanese space lab to the ISS, The Japanese lab complex is the latest research addition to the $100bn (£50bn) ISS project. Europe’s Columbus space lab arrived last month, joining Nasa’s own research base at the station, a module called Destiny that has been in space since 2001.

Future Space Shuttles:

Launch dates for the rest of this year can be shown here, the remaining seven flights in 2009/10 are under review. The crew of the space station is expected to rise from three to six in mid-2009. After Endeavour’s flight there are only 11 shuttle flights before the orbiters are retired.

Watch the Mission Now!

You can visit Eye4you Alliance Nasa Space Station in TSL to watch the mission unfold yay. If your on the Main Grid there is a Nasa place somewhere that I’ve heard about. Also there is more info located at these areas with amazing builds so come and check these space ports out now!

Watch the mission online located here (live stream is on the homepage)