Top 15 Interesting Places To Visit In Bellisseria

There are many interesting places to visit around the Bellisseria continent. There are windmills, beaches, lighthouses, tunnels, airstrips and more dotted about. I have put together a useful list of 15 interesting places below. The Bellisseria continent is still growing today and it’s set for futher expand during 2022 with more Linden Home themes.

1: Campwich ForestSLURL

A nice community center to visit featuring a lovely waterfall nearby with a fun zipline, a big forest to wonder about in, rez zones in the docks, a railway station which connects with nearby Linden Home themes and more.

2: SS Galaxy Cruise ShipSLURL

The full-featured cruise ship spans three regions on the far west side of the Bellisseria continent. Featuring a swimming pool, dancefloor, helicopter landing pads and much more.

The SS Galaxy Cruise Ship was built in 2007 as a private initiative and then was converted into a museum by Linden Lab in 2015. In early 2020 it was moved from the south of the Blake Sea to Bellisseria.

3: Buffalo Springs AirstripSLURL

Explore the newest airstrip featuring boat rez zone, picnic area and airplane rez zone. Fly from the north coast of the Chalet sub continent all the way south west towards the mainland of the Bellisseria continent.

4. Brady Stream WindmillsSLURL

Check out the amazing new windmills, underground tunnel, railway line and much more. Relax by the river side and wonder around the lovely landscape.

5. Ebbe Altberg Memorial – SLURL

Come and remember Ebbe Altberg former CEO of Linden Lab who sadly passed away earlier this year. Ebbe Altberg statue is located at the center of the isle.

6. Fantasy Community CentreSLURL

Check out the newest part of the Fantasy sub continent which is the new community centre featuring a main hall, a reception area, docking areas and more.

7. Varmint HillsSLURL

Explore the hills area with amazing views all around. The water stream runs right through turning this way and that.

8. Mermaid ShoalSLURL

Check out this underwater area featuring plants and this is a good spot to take shelter.

9. Obelisk Fountain – SLURL

A interesting fountain in the Victorian sub continent surrounded by hedges. A nice place to relax and a short walk to the beach in the west.

10. Hidden Mole TrailerSLURL

Check out the hidden mole trailer behind the waterfall in Rigamarole. There are references to Magellan Linden and there is more to discover here.

11. Bellisseria FairgroundsSLURL

Bellisseria Fairgrounds hosts regular events set up by the Second Life community here. There is a small airstrip and boat rez area (including boat ride) nearby.

12. Puffin Head Swimming PoolSLURL

A great area to relax near the poolside with friends with lovely views over the sea. Nearby hangout areas and docks.

13. Dinosaur FossilSLURL

Check out this interesting dinosaur fossil near the railway line. How many bones does this dino have ?

14. Treeowatoor WavesSLURL

Lovely place to watch the waves come in and hang out with friends.

15. Beiramar BridgeSLURL

Lovely connection bridge connecting the log homes with the stilt homes. Loads to discover around here.

Have fun exploring.


3 thoughts on “Top 15 Interesting Places To Visit In Bellisseria

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    Daniel Voyager has scouted 15 very nice places to visit on the Linden Homes continent of Bellisseria. I was surprised by some of them. Maybe a good gravel tip even for oldbie avies?

    Check it out!

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