Some snapshots from JulyFest 2019

On Saturday 6th July marked JulyFest from 12pm to 6pm SLT over at the new Bellisseria Fairgrounds. There was a large audience for this event with a variety of live music throughout the day. Here are some of my snapshots I took at the weekend.


JulyFest 2019 starts 6th July from 12pm to 6pm SLT on new Bellisseria Fairgrounds

Welcome to the new Bellisseria Fairgrounds

JulyFest 2019 will be happening at the new beautiful new Bellisseria Fairgrounds on Saturday 6th July 2019 from 12pm to 6pm SLT. This will be the first big community event that will include live music, DJ’s and booths for the community. This is a great opportunity to hang out with the Bellisseria community and join Bellisseria interest groups.

This will be a fun-filled day of community celebrations brought to you by the Bellisseria Citizens group. A full calendar of events can be found here.

The Bellisseria Fairgrounds can be reached by aircraft, boat or a direct teleport in. It’s a lovely area with Linden homes all around. Don’t forget to take a snapshot of the massive Magellan statue.

Rez area and airstrip
Boat rez area and dock

Please spread the word about this new event 🙂

Follow The Bellisserian Newspaper & Bellisseria Happenings

The Bellisserian Newspaper

Check out the new Bellisserian Newspaper that has been recently been created for citizens of the new Bellisseria continent in Second Life. This is a good source to stay updated on the latest news, interviews, events, continent services, places to visit and much more. The first edition of the newspaper is out today! 🙂

This is a resident-run newspaper and already it’s been pretty popular across the new continent. I’ll be following this newspaper regularly now with big interest to see whats going on across the continent.

The Bellisserian Newspaper pages…

  • Community – main front page of the newspaper with the latest news
  • Classifieds & Ads – public services listed here
  • Helpful Info – privacy and security information
  • Blogs – list of bloggers on the new continent
  • Landmarks – places to visit including rez zones, points of interest and more
  • Links – community groups to join
  • Contact – list of reporters, editors & photographers

Check out the new Community website.

Bellisseria Happenings 

A new dedicated events page called the Bellisseria Happenings is showing a list of upcoming live music events happening on the Bellisseria continent. There are DJ beach parties and Sunday pickle parties happening every weekend until 2020. More events will be listed here in the weeks ahead.

Bellisseria is a vibrant, friendly, active, Linden Homes continent in the virtual world of Second Life. With so many wonderful, creative people hosting so many exciting gatherings and events, this page is dedicated to helping keep you up to date with upcoming notice of doings in Bellisseria.

If you have an event happening in Bellisseria, please use the contact page to have us post it.

Please spread the word about the The Bellisserian Newspaper & Bellisseria Happenings events page. Thanks! 🙂

New Linden Homes being set up in SSPE71 & SSPE72

Within the past 12 hours or so it looks like new Linden Homes are being set up in the SSPE71 & SSPE72 regions of the new Bellisseria continent. There is not much to see at the moment apart from the parcel green outlines. There may be a few new Houseboats added soon around these regions. There is no ETA on when these new Linden Homes will be available.

It’s going to be interesting watching the Moles build this new area in the days ahead. It’s best to watch from a distance so the Moles can get on with their work here.


Watch out for the new danger sign in these regions. If you click the sign this message appears…

[06:55] Under Construction Sign:: Please pardon the dust. Access to this region has been temporarily restricted while we work to bring you more Linden Homes. Please don’t bother the Moles while they are working. The faster they can complete their work the faster homes can be made available.

There is a new road interchange section in the SSPE72 which is not connected to any roads at the moment.

Stay tuned for newer continent developments in the weeks ahead.