1 year later since the SSP regions first appeared on the grid

80 SSP regions arrived on 20th August 2018

It’s been one year since the first batch of 80 SSP regions arrived on the grid. Back then all we was told it was a Super Secret Project. Many speculated it could be the start of a new continent or perhaps Linden Realms or Horizons etc.

The day after I first blogged about the new batch of regions a new forums thread named SSP? was started. A year later and the thread is still active with 110+ pages. It’s a good place to get first previews of new developments happening. Soon after that the lab did set up a new Linden Homes sub forum.

The Second Life Grid Survey picked up the new SSP regions on 19th August 2018. I discovered the regions on the map the day after on 20th August 2018 with many others. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Woooot!!

The excitement happened about a few weeks later when more regions were added. This then became the working grounds for the LDPW Moles to start preparations for the new Bellisseria continent. Yay!

In September 2018 the SSP continent grew from 80 regions to 384 regions. New roads, lakes, housing blocks and houseboat slips were put in from October 2018 onwards.

Terraforming changes – 2nd September 2018
New areas appeared – 1st October 2018

Between October 2018 and January 2019 hundred’s of small dots started to appear across the SSP continent. The new Linden homes foundations were put in. The houseboat slips were built around the outside during this time period.

16th January 2019

The SSP continent started to take shape during February 2019 with even more developments going on. Two new small islands appear on the east coast of the continent along with a new message.

19th February 2019

At the end of March 2019 the top half of the SSP continent was copied over and placed between the Sansara continent and the Jeogeot continent. Tons of water regions connected the north and south of the new continent making one huge super continent.

26th March

The start of the new Bellisseria continent

First preview of the new Linden homes

In mid April 2019 Linden Lab officially launched the new Linden Homes for Premium users. Here is the first snapshot I took of the new continent map on opening day. The first visitors and new homes being released.

The Bellisseria continent officially opens – 15th April 2019
First Houseboats Preview – 14th May 2019
The houseboats release opens – 15th May 2019
Bellisseria continent and the new houseboats area – 4th June 2019

More Linden Homes and Houseboats

17th August 2019
Bellisseria Map – 18th August 2019

Between June 2019 – August 2019 the Moles have been working hard on building the central parts of the continent. There are now more Linden homes, houseboats, a new airstrip/fairgrounds area and new underwater areas. More work is planned in the weeks and months ahead.

The Moles are now working on the new Pickle island which is due to be completed next month. The new trailers is being worked on and should be released very soon. The top half of the Bellisseria continent is now online and hopefully the bottom half of the continent will come online before the end of 2019.

Key Moments During The Past Year

It’s been a very busy first year with developments, music events, new groups forming and plenty of discussions on the forums. It’s been great to follow the latest developments and discover new areas. I’m looking forward to see what will happen next.

A very well done job by the Moles and Lindens so far. Woooot!!!


The process of adding new regions to the Bellissaria continent


On 16th August Quartz Mole responded to this question how long does it take to copy a few hundred trees and boats? on the Second Life Forums. Quartz gave an very interesting explanation I think on how LDPW Moles add new regions to the Bellissaria continent. Quartz makes it pretty clear on the different stages that needs to happen before any particular region or group of regions can be released. Each region has to get the green light (pass) along with several QA inspections in the process. Above each region is the LH REGION status marker showing how each region is coming along.

When you see a new batch of regions added on the new continent each new region has to be terraformed, divided up into parcels and roads need to be built. Then the houseboat slips come in followed by the decorating phrase. If there is any spare land then the Moles will add new community areas around the new areas. It does take some time to finish the new regions and the LDPW Moles are working pretty much flat out. Quartz mentions that the terraforming and decorating of the regions is done with attention to detail along with so much care so it looks awesome by the end.

Quartz explanation response…

Each region in Bellissaria is unique,  designed and laid out individually.   When we make new regions to add to Bellissaria, we start with a completely new one, flat as pool table and completely featureless. Each one needs terraforming and dividing up into parcels, and roads laying,  and slips for the boats, and then decorating with trees, flowers, rocks, fences and whatever else for the parcels and then some general landscaping on the remaining LDPW land plus some community areas building here and there.   

That’s all done by teams of LDPW Moles, working together, and pretty much flat out.    It involves several passes, and several QA inspections at different stages in the process. That’s what takes the time,  and it’s because the terraforming and decorating is done with such care and attention to detail that the regions look as good as they do.    

I’m not sure who the users are that you think generate and create the content on Bellissaria — everything we put out on a region is made and scripted by LDPW Moles, and those of us who work primarily in content creation for Bellissaria rather than setting up the regions are already well advanced into creating items for future themes.   

Just look at the great progress the LDPW Moles have made since early June 2019 (everything within the blue circle below). The central land mass, the Bellissaria fairgrounds including the 2nd new airstrip and the new Pickle island that has been created since early June. The Moles have added tons of new Linden homes, new Houseboats, new waterways, new community areas and much more since then. 

It’s great to see the Bellissaria community getting bigger every week. There is still huge demand for the new homes and it’s going to take some time before everyone gets a home. There will be more big releases coming up probably before the end of 2019. 

Home Releases: The best and fasted way to get a new Linden home or new Houseboat is to check the land selection page for “Bellissaria” on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as they are the release days at the moment. It will show briefly at different times of the day apparently. I still think the lab need to completely revamp the whole land selection page with live status updates on when new homes are available. 

Q4 2019: The Bellissaria continent will be expanding south in the months ahead with new themed areas, new community areas, new homes and houseboats. I am really excited to see what comes next. 

I’m predicting that the Bellissaria continent could be completed in early 2020. Perhaps before the spring.  

On 20th August 2019 will mark one year since the first SSP regions came online. I’ll be doing a special blog post looking back at the first year.

New Linden Home Security System Available

Today Patch Linden posted a small update about a new and improved version of the Linden Homes Security system which rolls out now. It’s packaged inside the Content Pack via the home rezzer Life Buoy or Mailox. Check it out 🙂

This new version now includes the following features…

  • 1 Land Impact – You asked for it and here it is!
  • Menus – Now uses a dialog menu system to create and manage an access whitelist. NO MORE NOTECARD!
  • More Admins – You can name one or more people who will have permission to administer the security system.
  • Sky Alert  – If you are using the security system in a skybox, it can notify you when someone is hovering within 1000m for more than 15 seconds, even if they are not close enough to be ejected by the system.

Please spread the word 🙂

Squishy Pickle II Arrives Next To The Bellisseria Continent

Squishy Pickle II has arrived

Within the last 24 hours or so the Bellisseria Continent has increased it’s land mass again by 40 new regions with a huge new addition of Squishy Pickle II regions east of the new continent.

This is very exciting news for the whole Bellisseria community. The top part of Squishy Pickle II the Moles have already built new homes, houseboats and some of the roadways. There are new water lakes going down south. Can’t wait to see what else the Moles build have in the works next.

New water lakes, new houseboats, new areas and a new lighthouse

Squishy Pickle II comes at a excellent time because the Bellisseria continent (known as SSP back then) first appeared on the grid back in mid August 2018.

New Linden homes and new Houseboats work has already started
Squishy Pickle I & Squishy Pickle II

New developments happening on the original SSP continent

New camper/trailer area in development in SSP84
New development happening in SSP185
Big development going on in SSP264 & SSP280