The Drax Files Radio Hour Ends After Seven Years

For anyone that does not know yet Draxtor Despres has ended The Drax Files Radio Hour after seven years of podcasting (321 podcasts) about Second Life/Linden Lab happenings. In recent years viewers have declined which is not good news from 2, 000 listeners per week down to 9 listeners roughly. Over the years I have enjoyed listening to The Drax Files Radio Hour because of the many interesting topics/big news that were covered.

Draxtor has covered the TOS changes back in 2014, oculus rift, Sansar, creations for Parkinson’s and featured many guests over the years like Philip Rosedale, Dennis Harper, Pathfinder Lester etc. Rod Humble departure was pretty big news and when Ebbe Altberg become CEO. The shut down of cloud party, closure of SL Go, the start of the hypergrid, mesh developments, project bento, VR developments, the production of Paradise Lost, Lab Chat, OpenSim grids growth and much more.

Draxtor posted the following on the show website recently….

My friends: i decided to end this podcast. we started way back in 2014, shortly before ebbe altberg came in. we had over 2000 listeners per week. we are down to 9!

I don’t mind. i am happy that i can cancel myself in fact because we churn out over 150 videos with second life stories per year, not counting the feature length work.

That should be enough should it not? listen to my short announcement and tell me what you think. thank you for making my second life awesome every day!

Draxtor is working on an upcoming documentary about virtual cultures in pandemic times which sounds exciting and I think when that gets released in January 2022 that will be popular. Draxtor produces over 100 videos per year for the official Second Life social. Recently Draxtor has been hosting the Second Life Book Club which was been very succesful indeed.

Well done Drax for all of the amazing podcasts over the years.