Bellisseria Latest DevelopmentS – November 2021 Update

Houseboats coming soon!

The Moles are working hard building new Linden homes around the Bellisseria continent in Second Life. In the past few months the east coast of the Chalet sub continent has been extended all the way down to the south coast with placement for new houseboats coming soon. There are many new hangout spots around the edges which are really worth a visit I think. The north coastline work should start in the coming weeks I would imagine.

The Moles are working on the west coast of the Fantasy sub continent adding hundreds of new Fantasy Linden homes and new areas. The east side of the Fantasy sub continent work should start within weeks hopefully. Good progress is still being made at the moment.

I am looking forward to seeing both the Chalet and Fantasy sub continents be completed in the near future. I think many are excited now about what the next theme might be. So much has been added during 2021 from new waterways, hangout points, expansion of the railway, rez zones, underwater tunnels and much more.

A few red squares are showing up in the Stilts area and hopefully that work will be finished soon.

Bellisseria Continent Progress

Fantasy sub continent75% complete
Chalet sub continent80% complete
Stilts 95% complete
Progress as of 3rd November 2021

Next month at the 2021 SL Christmas Expo I would imagine we will hear about the next Linden Home theme. Maybe another two Linden Home themes during 2022. We will have to wait and see.

What are your predictions for 2022 for the Bellisseria continent ?