Lab Chat episode 2 audio on the Drax Files Radio Hour

On 21st January 2016 Lab Chat episode 2 took place and over 120 attended inworld. Ebbe Linden answered many questions ranging from Project Sansar to Project Bento with even questions asked by the live audience.

Lab Chat #2 Audio Released

You can hear the audio of Lab Chat epsiode 2 on the Drax Files Radio Hour here. The full video and transcript of the show will be uploaded within the next few weeks. Check out the amazing photos of the show #2 on the Lab Chat SL Flickr Stream.

Lab Chat #2 Coverage So Far 

If you attended the show what did you think ?

Add your views in comments! 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Lab Chat episode 2 audio on the Drax Files Radio Hour

  1. I listen to the audio of Lab Chat #2 on the Daxfiles
    ( ) since RL kept be busy during the live presentation. Here is some background combined with what I heard.

    Project Sansar is the code name for the future version of Second Life. Linden Lab says it will not replace SL but will run in parallel so technically it is not really Second Life version 2.0 I and many others hoped for. Will SL continue is its current robust incarnation past the end of 2016 when Ebbe Altberg (the current LL CEO) term in office ends? I personally wonder and worry about this but too much is going on and the time frame is too long to say with certainty.

    Sansar is NOT going to be one interconnected world. Rather it will be a bunch of independent experiences programmed by users. One of things I enjoy about SL is the freedom to use it like I want and not be tied to someone’s vision of what I will like. Second Life is a world you can be immersed and can live IN while Sansar sounds like a big collection of independent video games. This concerns me so much that right now I’m not even sure I will bother to try Project Sansar when it come out at the end of 2016.

    The new equivalent of SL Sims will be multiple kilo meters in size instead of the 256 meters of SL. This may or may not be good for SL sailors or aviators since if you are into sailing or flying very long distances there won’t be a smooth transition between Sims.

    The time line for the introduction of Project Sansar looks like this. Around June of 2016 until the official opening of Sansar at the end of 2016 Linden Lab will increase number of invitations to try the beta version of Sansar. But the people invited will be content creators who use third party software tools and upload the content into Sansar. Since I am not a content creator this means I am not waiting around for an invitation. It seems to me the end users are being left on the side lines.

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  2. I still see Sansar as a sort of Hypergrid open sims experience with better tech.
    I really doubt it will be a replacement of Sl cause it is lacking mainland and the continents idea.
    But the cost of Sl right now comparing to its performance is making to many wonder if they not only will be in Sl for long but if they can even trust LL anymore..


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