2016 Second Life Grid Statistics Update

On 3rd January 2016 Tyche Shepherd posted up the final report for 2015 for the latest region counts for Second Life. It’s not good news really because the overall the Second Life grid apparently “shrunk by 746 regions (2.9% of total) but private estates were down by 825 (4.4% of private estates) a slightly larger loss than last years net loss of 696 regions”.

Grid Survey Data

2016 is going to be a challenging year I think for Second Life with the next generation platform launching in Q1 2016 and surely that will affect the grid numbers. It’s hard to tell if private estates will grow again or decline further this year ?. We will have to wait and see.

The highest recorded was 31,988 regions in Second Life back on 13th June 2010. Today it’s dropped down to 24, 886 regions. I hope someday there will be growth for the total amount of Main Grid regions otherwise by 2020 the grid will be a much smaller place like it being under 17, 000 regions if the trends continue.

Here are the stats between 2013 to 2016 at the start of the year for comparison. Now during 2016 I will be publishing regular updates on the latest region counts, so stay tuned for that.

On 6th January 2013

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 28, 036
  • Private Estates: 20, 921
  • Linden Owned: 7, 115
  • During 2013 private estates in Second Life decreased by 1, 719 regions which is a net loss of 8.2%

On 5th January 2014

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 26, 227
  • Private Estates: 19, 241
  • Linden Owned: 6, 986
  • During 2014 private estates in Second Life decreased by 673 regions which is a net loss of 3.5%

On 4th January 2015

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 25, 611
  • Private Estates: 18, 579
  • Linden Owned: 7, 032 
  • During 2015 private estates in Second Life decreased by 825 regions which is a net loss of 4.4%

As of 3rd January 2016

  • Total number of Main Grid regions: 24, 886
  • Private Estates: 17, 775 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 111

What are your predictions during 2016 for region counts in Second Life ? 


2016 exciting events happening in Second Life

There are many exciting events happening in Second Life during 2016 including conferences, anniversaries, fund-raising events and much more.

It’s going to be an exciting year for events in Second Life and they are going to be so much fun this year. Feel free to comment if you know of any popular events happening during 2016 and I’ll add them to the list.

2016 exciting events ahead

The Wastelands 9th Anniversary – Celebrations start 15th January until 17th January 2016.

One Billion Rising 2016 – Mid February 2016

Relay For Life of Second Life 2016 Season – The RFL of SL 2016 season starts on Sunday 6th March 2016.

  • Home & Garden Expo 2016 – 14th February to 6th March 2016
  • RFL Breedables Expo 2016 – 19th February to 4th March 2016
  • Fashion For Life 2016 – 5th March to 14th March 2016
  • Sci-Fi Convention 2016 – 18th March to 27th March 2016
  • Fantasy Faire 2016 – 21st April to 1st May 2016
  • Relay Weekend 2016 – 16th – 17th July 2016
  • Wrap Up 2016 – 14th August 2016

VWBPE 2016 – 9th to 12th March 2016

Nova Albion 12th Anniversary – March 2016

Hope Exhibition for Relay for Life – 9th to 10th April 2016

Bay City 2016 – Mole Day, Fashion Week, 8th Bay City Anniversary, Hot Bay City Nights, Tree Lighting, Prim Drop and more. Stay tuned for announcements in the weeks and months ahead.

1920s Berlin Project 7th Anniversary: May / June 2016

Second Life 13th Birthday – Second Life will officially turn 13 years old on 23rd June 2016.

The Arcade – Events planned in March, June, September and December during 2016.

BURN2 2016 – The big BURN2 event takes place in October 2016. More annual events will be happening during 2016.

Firestorm Viewer 6th Anniversary – September 2016

Check out the Featured Events page for monthly hunts, live music, activities and more.