Project Sansar Approximate Time Frame

On 21st January Lab Chat #2 with Ebbe Linden was held in Second Life and the attendance was high. The transcript and audio is now available here and the video will be available soon.

Ebbe Linden talked about Project Sansar mentioning the approximate time frame. See below for the estimated time frame for the next generation platform- subject to change in the months ahead and note that these are still very early days. 

Project Sansar Approximate Time Frame

January 2016 – Ebbe Linden during Lab Chat #2 mentioned that the lab don’t yet have an open invitation email or anything at the moment. The lab are not yet ready to let more people in at this stage for alpha testing.

Around June 2016 or soon after the lab will probably allow people to start to apply for Project Sansar in some way. The lab are looking for people who are willing to spend a lot of time testing, committed and who have the skills to create content for Project Sansar.

By June 2016 the lab will be inviting hundreds of creators possibly to get things moving. The lab will be picking those that they know and trust along with strategic partners.

Between July 2016 and September 2016+ the lab will increasing the number of people who can come in month after month to continue test/develop Project Sansar.

Project Sansar Opening the Door

If things go according to plan the lab plans to open the door for anyone to come in and play with Project Sansar around December 2016 – January 2017 (Open Beta). 

We can expect Project Sansar will launch to the public in early 2017 on PC along with mobile and different VR platforms after.



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