Future of Kirstens Viewer announcement

UPDATE (17th October 2011)

After weeks of thought and recent activity the viewer team will be going down the Crowdfunder path. Check out this annoucement for futher details about the future of Kirstens Viewer. This is great news to hear about today and I think that it’s going to be very successful.


News just in that there will be a announcement soon on the website about the future of Kirstens Viewer which sounds exciting. Back in early September 2011 there was sad news due to unfortunate events from Dawny and Kirsten. Hopefully this announcement will be good news but we will have to wait alittle longer.



3 thoughts on “Future of Kirstens Viewer announcement

  1. And also a note about what is a big step for improving mesh use:)
    Now just wish Phoenix could release its mesh version, as ill struggle between its functionality and being able to see meshes,
    About Kristin viewer, knowing how useful it is for photographers I wish All the best, but the lack of RLV and Radar is a no go for me on that 1!
    RLV cause it’s much more then what all can think about, and radar cause for one that loves races like me, no way you can follow a nascar race without using it!


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