Winter Solstice Party 2010 on Reaction Grid

Yesterday afternoon (SLT) I logged into the Reaction Grid (OpenSim) to attend the Winter Solstice Party 2010 hosted by Slimmie, Malburns and Tara at Mal Burns Estates.  It was great fun and I enjoyed Slimmie’s live music that she was streaming into the parcel in SL. I signed up to Reaction Grid on 19th of December 2010 to see what it was all about and I have to say its really cool.

The region texture was changed at the start of the party to a nice snow texture to fit the Christmas holiday season. There were plenty of dance balls, freebies and even funny christmas stories of everyone’s childhood during the party. Pathfinder Lester dropped by with his skiing stuff and christmas goodies. Many other residents dropped by to enjoy the Winter Solstice Party 2010 on the Reaction Grid yesterday.

I recommend you try out Reaction Grid and sign up. There is a large grid list of open simulators here if you want to do more exploring.


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