Jack Linden is leaving Linden Lab

Jack Linden has announced that he is leaving Linden Lab at the end of December 2010. Jack Linden has been with Linden Lab for 6 years and its now time for Jack to move on into new horizons. It’s sad to see Jack Linden leave Linden Lab. I wish Jack the best of luck for the future and thanks for all of his hard work over the years in Second Life.

My last blog post as ‘Jack Linden’ is almost certainly the hardest that I’ve had to write. Sad to say that I will be leaving the Lab at the end of December. It’s time for me to set sail for new horizons, hang up the god powers, and journey to another grand adventure elsewhere. It has been an incredible six years, and one that has been made extra special thanks to sharing it with you, the Second Life community.

Seems like only yesterday that I was helping new residents at the welcome area, shaping new mainland continents and delivering islands to the very first wave of estate owners. Second Life was amazing to me then, and it is no less amazing to me now. It’s an incredible virtual space full of real people and their extraordinary creativity. It’s been a wild ride at times, always mesmerising and never a dull moment. I have loved every moment of it. I have watched pioneering virtual businesses grow and flourish, seen people from around the world making friends and falling in love, been amazed at the range of new communities that have found a home on the grid, and witnessed an explosion of content that has made Second Life the largest home of user generated 3D content in existence. It’s been an honour to be a part of that world and to serve you, the residents who have made it so rich and diverse.

I will be leaving behind a Linden Lab that is in great shape. A Lab that is more focused on fixing the core features, more open and productive, and that remains on course for a very bright future indeed.

Up until the end of the year you can still reach me as Jack Linden inworld but from January 1st I will be enjoying Second Life as a resident once more, probably on my new alt (username and display name of simply ‘Jack’).

Many thanks to all of you for everything you do to keep Second Life so special.

Here are Jack Linden’s final office hours words during his farewall session today between 11am to 11:15am SLT.

  • [11:05]  Jack Linden: 🙂 I’m sure they will hire in someone great. I figured i’d come along and say goodbye as I doubt I’ll be doing office hours again after this one
  • [11:06]  Jack Linden: Anthonys.. noo, you guys have always been great
  • [11:08]  Jack Linden: Loving, you’ll see Brooke Linden getting more involved on the marketplace side so the merchants will be well served i’m sure
  • [11:10]  Jack Linden: Yeah and the new Ad platform is getting going too Marianne, so there will be a legit place for promotion finally. 🙂
  • [11:15]  Jack Linden: 🙂 okays, I just wanted to come bye and say goodbye to the office hour crowd. I have a ton of IMs now so will zip out and answer those. Thank you all for coming each week. It’s been a lot of fun over the years.
  • [11:16]  Jack Linden waves

Farewell Jack Linden!