Lindens Vs Residents Snowball Fight 2010

This year SL Winterfest starts on 10th December 2010 and will last through to 18th December 2010. Linden Lab announced the schedule of Winterfest events for 2010 on the official Second Life blog here. The snowball fights schedule below:

Thursday 16th December 2010

Friday 17th December 2010

We will see how this year goes compared to previous years for Winterfest in Second Life. I’m sure it’s going to be great fun during the christmas holiday season 2010.

New Q&A Notecard On Teen Grid Migration 2011

Apparently Terrence Linden has sent out a new Q&A notecard with specific information about the upcoming Teen Grid migration in early January 2011. I managed to get this new info from this source.


“Teen Grid Q&A”

What is the “merge”? In early January, the separation between the Main Grid and Teen Grid of Second Life will cease to exist.  At that time 16-17 year old accounts will continue (including inventory, L$ balances, etc), but will now have access to General-rated regions on the Main Grid in addition to the Teen Grid regions (all of which will still exist in their present location).  Individual 13-15 year old accounts will no longer be able to access Second Life until they turn 16, unless they access Second Life under the umbrella of an organization.

When will this happen? In early January 2011.

What will accounts have to do in order to transfer? There is nothing that users will need to do to transfer.  Linden Lab will handle everything for both the 16+ year olds that will continue using Second Life, as well as for the 13-15 year olds when they turn 16 and will once again have access to their accounts.  It should be a seamless transition on the users’ side.

What happens to the current Teen Grid land? All land will become part of the Main Grid, while staying in its current location on the Second Life map.  Land ownership will continue as it is.  However, for 13-15 year olds, please note that since your account will be on hold you will no longer be able to pay tier, and therefore you should take action to sell, or give up, your land prior to January.

Will adults have access to Teen Grid land after transfer? Yes, adults will have access to all public Teen Grid land after transfer.  However, as you can now, it is possible to place privacy limits on parcels that you are renting.

What happens to inventory? All inventory will remain as is during the transfer process.  16-17 year olds will retain all inventory when they transfer, and 13-15 year olds will retain all inventory when their accounts are placed on hold.

Are there actions that 13-15 year olds should take prior to January? We recommend that 13-15 year old accounts cash out any remaining inventory balances and sell or give up their land prior to January. Otherwise, there is nothing that 13-15 year olds need to do.

What if the wrong birthday was put in for my account when I registered? These matters should be handled by filing a ticket with our support team.

Are Linden Homes available to users under 18? At this point, no.  16-17 year old users will continue to be able to have the other benefits of becoming premium Second Life users.  However, they will not be able to access Linden Homes until they turn 18.