National Space Society Two Year Extension in Second Life

National Space Society group in Second Life today announced that it’s committed to another two years of support for the NSS region inworld.

We are pleased to report that NSS has committed to two years’ of support for our Second Life region, locking-in 50% savings over the new pricing policies of Linden Lab.

This is good news, indeed.

Full group notice via attachment

Special Notice To National Space Society Group:
After discussions and questions, and several telephone conferences of the Executive Committee, National Space Society (NSS) has approved a two-year extension of our lease on a Region of Second Life, in order to lock-in savings of 50% over the new price structure taking effect on 2011 January 01. If you would like to show your appreciation, please join or send a thank-you and donation to National Space Society — be sure they know you are connected to their Second Life region!
We also welcome more direct support of this work through in-world donations (Linden L$) or real-world donations to the Oregon L5 Society, directed for the Research Team. You can join Oregon L5 Society (you don’t have to be in Oregon or USA) for US $25 to Oregon L5 Society, P.O. Box 86, Oregon City, OR 97045 U.S.A. Include your (real) name, address, phone (opt.) and email. Also indicate whether or not you wish to receive Moon Miners’ Manifesto and, if so, whether in print or PDF format. Outside US will be PDF.
If you must choose between NSS and Oregon L5, a donation or membership in NSS would be most productive at this time. You can still help Oregon L5 by listing our chapter ID, 682, as the “recruiting chapter”. We will be sent a portion of your NSS dues (for new members only).
Extra special thanks to NSS Director Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto (Lunnna Capalini in SL) of Arizona and Executive Committee Member David Stuart from Seattle NSS for outstanding support and strong advocacy for this project.
Veronica withdrew her request for a second NSS region devoted to meetings when it became clear NSS could fund only one or the other. She has asked us for meeting space before, but implementation of her request was difficult in terms of development stages of the lavatube base. However, now that we’ve moved the old Lunar Dome to L-1, it has revealed itself as a full sphere, and we will put some meeting rooms and a small auditorium in the lower half of the renamed Space BALLroom. A Meeting and Conference Center will give us new venues and capabilities for holding more formal meetings and business and educational activities.
Many of you have contributed your own talents and designs to our ambitious Base. Seeing the international cooperation here no doubt helped our case, so thank you, and Veronica, and David.
In other news, “Marcus MacMoragh” is chairing a new group to look into issues related to Life Support and the evolution from Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) to a bioregenerative life support system that includes waste-processing, air renewal, and food and fiber. Contact Marcus, or Ariel, Sine, or Prng if interested, or watch for a more formal announcement from Marcus in a week or so.
Ad astra!
Bryce Walden, ResearcherOregon L5 Society