Android & IPhone Apps For Second Life

Android Apps 

  • Mobile Grid ClientSecond Life & Opensim messaging client with local chat, IM, group chat, people search, mini-map, the ability to teleport and more. To use this service you have to pay a monthly free (starting at L$250) – but you can test it for 14 days.
  • DroidSL – One-way communication service that allows Second Life avatars to send instant messages directly from their Andriod phone to other avatars in-world. You must buy a DriodSL Server, rez it on your land, touch it and follow the on-screen instructions.

IPhone Apps

  • Pocket MetaverseNow optimized for iPad and IPhone 4: See friends online, chat, instant messaging, world map, teleporting, profiles, payments and more.
  • Sparkle Sparkle allows you to connect to Second Life on the iPhone and iPod touch. Sparkle, the mobile fun community.
  • AnsheX ClientThis is the version of AnsheX Client for Second Life for IPhone / iPodTouch
  • no longer available

If you know of any other working apps for Android or IPhone then feel free to share them in comments. Have fun with your apps for Second Life and perhaps we will see new apps created for Second Life during 2011 ?.

Big SL News Stories of 2010

It’s not here yet, but 2011 is already around the corner and it’s time to reflect on the big Second Life news stories during 2010. From the feedback I received, I can now draw up a list of hot topics that residents have been mostly talking about during 2010….

  • Layoffs, departures & firings – Many Linden Lab employees were laid off by 30% from June 2010. Mark Kingdon left Linden Lab and Philip Rosedale came back as interm CEO then left LL again a few months later. A major restructure of Linden Lab during 2010.
  • Nonprofits and education – Linden Lab will be increasing the price of virtual land for non-profit and educational institution’s during early 2011.
  • Viewer 2 – There has been alot of news coverage on this since early 2010
  • LL Customer Service – There were cut backs in support hours during late 2010 causing issues for residents including support tickets processed far more slowly during 2010
  • EmeraldGate – There was alot Emerald controversy coverage during the transition from Emerald to Phoenix
  • Mesh Imports Open Beta – Finally getting of the ground during late 2010
  • TSL Transition – The announcements caused increased coverage – Teen grid closing in early January 2011
  • Gambling Ban – LL has plans to relent on gambling ban in Second Life in 2011
  • Multiple Lawsuits– Virtual property ownership etc
  • LL Microsoft Rumour – There was alot of news coverage on this during September 2010 via rumor spreading
  • Avatars United – Many sl residents joined but the service failed to take off probably – LL later closed down AU
  • TOS Changes – New policy on Third-Party Viewers made news coverage
  • SL Economy data feeds – Linden Lab discontinued the data feeds

It’s been a very hard year I think for Linden Lab and the SL community in many ways. I hope that 2011 will be a better year with the SL economy showing growth and stability. It would be nice to see new services launched by LL in Second Life next year and to know that new Lindens are being employed. Later this month I will publish the month by month review of SL during 2010. Stay tuned for new posts. 🙂



Press Release, Frank Lloyd Wright Museum Closed

Here is a copy of the press release statement sent out on 8th December 2010.

December 8, 2010   The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (the Foundation) has received numerous inquiries regarding its decision to terminate the license relationship with Virtual Museums, Inc., the builder of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum in Second Life. Misinformation directed towards the Foundation regarding the situation appears in press releases, blogs, and throughout the Second Life community and is perpetuating an incorrect and misleading perception of the Foundation’s position with respect to an educational presence in Second Life.

The Foundation and the owners’ of various Frank Lloyd Wright building sites own copyrights that give the Foundation and others the exclusive rights to copy and display Wright’s buildings and designs. The Foundation entered into a licensing agreement with Virtual Museums, Inc. (VMI) for installation of a virtual museum in Second Life that allowed VMI to reproduce the architectural designs of the homes and buildings created by Frank Lloyd Wright and protected by copyright and trademark law. It was the Foundation’s hope and intention that a virtual museum would be a positive and educational undertaking to allow architects, scholars, students, and a younger generation to be able to learn about the many aspects of Wright’s architecture.

The Foundation terminated the license agreement with VMI for numerous reasons, including the fact that several of the buildings as constructed in Second Life and displayed by VMI did not accurately reflect the buildings as actually designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Foundation further offered a new and revised license agreement to VMI’s new board and management but it was declined. The Foundation was disappointed that they could not obtain agreement with VMI as to the license agreement terms, but the Foundation and the real world Frank Lloyd Wright building site owners have a duty to protect the intellectual property and works of Wright.

The Foundation will continue to look for creative ways to work with academics, authors, scholars, reputable organizations and online and virtual communities to educate the public about the work and teachings of Frank Lloyd Wright.