Latest News on 40 Groups Limit in SL

UPDATE: [6:21] Maestro Linden: Hey Daniel, one of the server RC channels has configurable group limits.  Once that’s considered ‘passed’ (which will probably happen early January), that server version will go out to the whole grid.  At that point, we’ll be able to increase the group limit at any time. – 22nd December 2010


Back in October 2010 FJ Linden announced that group limits will be raised from 25 groups to 40 groups before the end of 2010. I have been trying to find out the very latest news on the groups limits in SL.

It looks like the 25 group limit is still active on all server versions at the moment. Linden Lab plans to roll out 40 groups to the RC grid server versions very soon. When it comes available I’m sure Viewer 2 will support 40 groups too along with third-party viewers.

If you are using the Phoenix Viewer there is no server support yet for 40 groups limit. You will not be able to have more than 25 groups. You can enable the feature by setting phoenix40GroupsSupport to True in the debug settings. I have been hearing if you are on Emergence Viewer you will see 40 groups on your count but you cannot add 40 groups. It will not be enabled until Linden Lab turns it on for everybody to use.

However Jessica Lyon made a statement via group notice on 21st, December, 2010 saying the following about this:

Re: Rumor about 40 groups support in phoenix…To be clear, while Phoenix does have a debug setting to enable 40 groups this is NOT enabled server side! We added the debug setting for when LL DOES enable it server side some time in the new year. Currently enabling 40 groups in Phoenix will do nothing! It will not work.

Here are some updates by Linden Lab during December 2010

Maestro Linden said this on 1st December 2010:

The ’40 groups’ changes  are actually both viewer and server related.  Right now the viewer is  hardcoded to a limit of 25 groups, and prevents you from adding more via  the UI.  The updated viewer will grab the grid’s group limit at login  time, and act accordingly.

The server enforces the 25 groups  limit, so it needs to be updated too.  This week’s new RC doesn’t have  the group limit changes, but the change is coming very soon.

Oskar Linden’s Beta Server Office Hour on December 9th, 2010

  • [15:17] Oskar Linden: so you guys all heard about the group limits changes
  • [15:18] Oskar Linden: the problem with group limits was mostly the limit being hard coded into the sim code
  • [15:19] Oskar Linden: at some later date when the code is completely on AGNI, and maybe after a live test with a special viewer we’ll change it gridwide
  • [15:21] Falcon Linden: Everything we do is about forcing our users to do stuff they don’t want to
  • [15:21] Oskar Linden: so if you notice any unusual weirdness relating to groups on BlueSteel or LeTigre please let me know

According to Oskar Linden’s Beta Server Office Hour on December 16th, 2010 group limits cannot be tested this year.

  • [15:14] Oskar Linden:   group limits and compressed crossings cannot be tested this year either because of the bug that stopped us from shipping that code
  • [15:14] Oskar Linden:  so first week in January things will be getting busy
  • [15:16] Simon Linden: The current viewer has the 25 limit hard-coded.
  • [15:16] Simon Linden: That was some of the work required … telling the viewer what the limit is so it can do the right thing
  • [15:16] Oskar Linden: once the code is all over the grid then we’ll set it higher and see if things break

I will keep you informed if this status changes on my blog. If you know anything else, feel free to comment cause I would love to know. Thanks!