Bellisseria continent expanding eastwards – February 2020 Update

It appears that the Bellisseria continent is now expanding eastwards at a steady rate. New regions have been added just recently here (SSPE1053 to SSPE1062). Landscaping of these new regions in some places hasn’t begun yet. 

The size of the Bellisseria continent is pretty huge now and it’s still growing. In the weeks ahead you can expect this new area to get much bigger indeed.

Keep a watch out. 

RFL of SL Kick Off 2020 – Bellisseria Fairgrounds!

> Relay For Life of Second Life kicks off its 16th season on Saturday 15th February at 10am SLT.

> Three locations this year – The Bellisseria Fairgrounds, the Home & Garden Expo AND on Facebook LIVE!


2 thoughts on “Bellisseria continent expanding eastwards – February 2020 Update

  1. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Daniel brings good news for Belliseria continent and SL’s growth overall. But I wonder why don’t those stupid Labfuckers don’t finish other started projects first? There is for example an unfinished Gaeta I, and unfinished Zindra. They could erect their new premium housing thereabouts and make Belliseria appear less ghetto-like.
    Discuss in the comments …


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