The arrival of a new Linden Project area in Second Life

New Linden Project area arrives
New Linden Project area arrives on the grid

In late September 2016 Linden Lab added a series of new Linden Project regions (over 40+) far north of the mainland in Second Life. These regions (named HR/HC/HIH) are currently closed to the public but they are mainly rated Adult which is rather interesting.

It’s unclear at the moment what the regions will be used for and whether or not they will open to the public anytime soon. I guess most likely we will have to wait until the lab announces something about these regions in the near future.

From the map view it looks like the arrival of new Linden homes 2.0 is my guess with water surrounding the central areas. It’s a huge land area and a big Linden project for sure.

What do you think about these new regions ?


LL Adds New Control Panel To Linden Homes

Linden Homes was one of the biggest topics during mid February 2010, till the new Viewer 2 took over from 23rd of February in the SL news/coverage. Today however Jack Linden announced that there is a new control panel being placed on resident homes (Linden Homes).

The new panels have been enabled, as of today, allowing owners to use the new Linden Home control panel (Next to the door). Linden Homes is still in the Beta period currently and apparently around 13, 000 residents have now got a Linden Home. Jack Linden said that there are now base textures for the many themes available  and that there are hub areas where you can find a kiosk of textures.

Linden Homes and Viewer 2 seems to be popular for topics at the moment. This is great progress being made so far for the new Linden Homes project. I’m interested to see what comes in the near future!