Possible connection and location for the new SSP continent

Update (27/3) 

Part of the new SSP continent has come online along with new region names. It’s believed the next batch of regions will show very soon.

SSP area

SSP area 04

SSP Latest Developments – March 2019 Update

The top of the Jeogeot continent now has a whole bunch of new water regions which is believed to be the new bridge which will connect up with the new SSP continent very soon. This is the most likely location of the new continent will be placed. At the moment the SSP continent lays far north east of the map. It’s closed still as work continues behind the scenes.

  • 24 regions straight down/up x 16 regions across = 384 total SSP regions 

Here is the bottom of the Sansara continent where it is most likely it will connect up with the SSP continent going down south. The group that owns these regions is the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW).

The water regions stop at Salt Breeze & Whitecap regions which is marked in the red circle below. If you click the map below you should be able to see the rough outlines of the water regions.

It’s believed the new SSP continent will fit roughly in the empty space right of the red circle below.

The current location of the new SSP continent. The yellow dot is where the new continent will be moved to very soon it’s believed.

I’ll post more updates soon on SSP.

6 thoughts on “Possible connection and location for the new SSP continent

  1. This is interesting, thanks. I have two questions: First what does ‘SSP’ stand for?

    Second… I often hear continents referred to by their names like ‘Sansara’ but I can’t see any names on the map when I look at it. Is there any kind of official map that labels the different continents? I have only recently started using the map in SL so maybe there is an option I need to turn on.

    Reason I ask is that I moved home recently in SL and someone asked me where I was, and the best I could do was say “kind of near the top left”. I don’t know which continent I live in and Google has not helped me so far. I found a page on the wiki but can’t visualise it from coordinates.

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  2. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Exciting news about the new SSP continent on Danie, Voyager’s blog.Orca will go soon and check out how much the moles have accomplished by now.
    Thx for the info, Daniel.

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  3. I’ve emptied out my Linden home in preparation for the move. The new home styles, houseboats, and increased prims are a welcomed update. I am excited about this. Thanks, Daniel for the update.


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