SL16B applications open

SL16B Regions – 1st April 2019 

Last week Linden Lab officially opened applications for the upcoming SL16B birthday celebrations which are due to take place in mid June 2019. Applications are open for Exhibitors, Performers, Volunteers and Merchants for the shopping event. The Music Fest Audition Showcase Applications will open soon.

As we blogged earlier this month (Announcing “SL16B” – Second Life’s Sweet Sixteen!) SL16B is coming this summer – and part of the celebration means we will be opening applications for Volunteers, Exhibitors and Performers. This year, we are excited to return to being more involved in the organization of all the events. In addition to the official Music Fests, costume parties,  and Shopping events, of the last few years, we’re also returning to our roots and participating more in the development and planning of the main SLB celebration.

While we already  launched applications for Merchants interested in the inworld Shopping Event, here is your first opportunity to apply as an Exhibitor and/or Performer.

The SL16B regions arrived recently and early work is underway to get the regions ready. I’ve now applied for SL16B and I can’t wait to get involved.

79 days to GO until SL16B


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