Fran Serenade In Second Life Has Sadly Passed Away Aged 92

On 7th March 2019 Draxtor Despres sent out a tweet saying that Fran Serenade in Second Life had sadly passed away on 3rd March 2019 which is very sad news to hear. Fran was a Parkinson’s Disease sufferer, she was a true pioneer and she inspired so many people over the years.

Fran Serenade was featured on Epsiode 13: Creations for Parkinson’s of the Drax Files series back in November 2013 designed to raise money for research into the Parkinson’s Disease. The epsiode received 28, 469 views and Fran received lots of love from the Second Life community.

This is a must read telling Fran’s story.

Fran will be sadly be missed by the Second Life community, her family and friends in RL. There will be an in-world memorial for Fran which is still being planned very soon.

You can kindly make a RL donation here >

RIP Fran


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